Is Breaking Even a Casino Win?

The definition of a win is obtaining success. In the casino, breaking even is successful. We have our money to play again. But, Is Breaking Even a Casino Win?

Is It a Win or Not?

An interesting question popped up on video poker forums recently. “Is getting your money back in a game a win or breaking even?

With Video Poker, is it a winning hand when you are dealt a “winning hand?” For example, if you receive a pair of jacks on the initial draw, the screen displays “jacks or better,” not “money increase.” After the draw, the machine declares, “you won.” But when you made your bet, your credits diminished by the size of your bet. Your “win” is the same as the money you played on; thus, even money. You’re now still even. There is no profit, like a push on a table game.

Is Breaking Even a Casino Win?
A pair of jacks. 9/6 JOB

Consider this example. You go to the store to buy a candy bar for $1. I give them the $1 and the candy bar at the register – they keep the $1, and I keep the candy bar.

In VP, the money is gone before you get your cards, so you “win” your bet back because you don’t have it anymore.

What does breaking even mean to you?

So many people say that they broke even after visiting the casino. But is Breaking Even a Casino Win?

For me, it’s taking my allotted amount, not going to the ATM & coming home with the same amount after my gambling session.

Here’s why I think breaking even at the casino is a win.

It’s Not Only About the Money

Is Breaking Even a Casino Win?

Is Breaking Even a Casino Win? Here are some examples of why breaking even is a win to me.

  • Using Your Rewards Card #1 – If you use your rewards card and break even, you have accrued points on that card. Those points are a type of currency, whether you use them to buy something, add up for status and higher levels, or both.
  • Enjoying a meal or a drink with your rewards points – Rewards points you can use at the casino don’t take away from your bankroll.
  • Using Your Rewards Card #2 – Higher “status” levels usually bring perks and are a form of casino currency. For example, comps such as event tickets and free rooms result from a higher status, and many casino rewards programs include a point multiplier for each status level. Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun are examples. But beware, never pay more than your allotted bankroll. Playing outside your expected bankroll to raise your rewards level is never good. Likewise, never exceed your session bankroll.
  • You Had A Good Time – There are many ways to have a good time without spending a dime. However, it’s a win if you spend a dime – or a lot more – and still leave with the same bankroll and having a good time. You had fun for free. You are leaving with the same bankroll; + hours of good time = a win!


The casino has the edge. But, leaving with the same amount you came with and earning perks the whole time is a win.

The definition of a win is obtaining success. Then in the casino, breaking even is successful – or is it? So in one of our earliest weekly polls, we asked, “Do You Consider Breaking Even at the Casino a Win? Here are the final results!

With 90% believing it’s a win, I have to go with the majority.


PLEASE NOTE: Here’s a sure way to double that money you broke even with – fold it over once and put it in your pocket!