Irish Drinking and Gambling Songs

Somedays, the craziest questions pop into our heads – well, at least my head. Of course, we all know some of the greatest gambling songs. And on St. Patrick’s Day, we fondly remember those Irish songs we sing with the help of Guinness. So I wondered – Are there any songs that involve both? Here are three good Irish Drinking and Gambling Songs.

Irish Drinking and Gambling Songs

Irish Drinking and Gambling Songs

The Irish are huge fans of music. They love to listen to music, but they also like playing music. Therefore, perhaps not surprisingly, the songs written by Irish artists cover various topics. However, it seems that most songs are related to drinking. Here are a few famous Irish songs inspired by gambling.

“Las Vegas (In the Hills of Donegal)”

“Goats Don’t Shave” is an Irish folk-rock band formed in 1990. While some group members have come and gone, they still perform today. The group took its name from an Irish folk story. In a pub incident, a “tipsy” local character was told to stop acting the goat, have a shave, and clean himself up. He walked away, muttering, “goats don’t shave!” Thus, the name of the group.

Irish Drinking and Gambling Songs
Goats Don’t Shave

They are well-known for the song Las Vegas (In the Hills of Donegal), which is the best of the Irish Drinking, Gambling Songs. Click on the previous link to see it performed. The chorus lyrics are:

And if I could, I’d build a wall around old Donegal
The north and south to keep them out, by God, I’d build it tall
Casinos, chicken ranches, I’d legalize them all
We’d have our own Las Vegas in the hills of Donegal
Yeah, Las Vegas, in the hills of Donegal

Check out all the lyrics – it’s pretty funny.

Two Other Irish Drinking and Gambling Songs

  1. The Irish Rovers are a legendary Irish band considered one of the most significant Irish groups ever.  in 1996, the band created a cover version of a famous, traditional folk song and renamed it “I’m a Rambler, I’m a Gambler.” This gambling-related song is the story of a man who goes from place to place in the country while gambling and drinking. The Irish Rovers’ song about gambling got so famous that it became an anthem for Irish gamblers. The song has also been covered by Joni Mitchell, the Chieftains, Linda Ronstadt, and Bob Dylan.
  2. “Raglan Road” by the Irish singer Van Morrison is based on an old Irish poem. It’s about a heart-breaking love. Some expressions in the lyrics are related to gambling. So, it got the attention of many gamblers. The line “And I not making hay” refers to the singer’s lack of skill and success in playing cards.


I want to end today’s post with a gambling proverb from Ireland. It highlights one of a gambler’s biggest mistakes: chasing losses.

“Hoping to recoup is what ruins the gambler.”

It sounds like Gambler’s Fallacy to me!

“Wishing you a pot o’ gold and all the joy your heart can hold,” from NETimeGambling.