How To Plan Video Poker Sessions on Multipliers Days

I was only 70 points away from Foxwoods’ platinum level, with a 5X  multiplier day approaching. My bankroll was not ready for a big play, but I couldn’t ignore this chance to level up at Foxwoods. So, I needed a plan. How much money would it take? Here’s how I figured it out. How To Plan Video Poker Sessions on Multipliers Days.

Embrace The Math, Not the Myth

vpFREE2 – Great Website for Video Poker Players

How To Plan Video Poker Sessions on Multipliers Days

To Plan Video Poker Sessions on Multipliers Days, I started at a well-respected website among video poker players. vpFREE2 provides tools to help serious video poker players extend their gaming dollar. The website includes a complete inventory of the best video poker at 502 casinos in the US and Canada. Also, vpFREE2 offers lots of useful information. In this case, I was interested in the Foxwoods Rewards Club. vpFREE2 is kept up-to-date by members constantly updating changes after visits. So, I felt good starting my plan with this information.

Foxwoods Rewards – Coin In To Earn points

How To Plan Video Poker Sessions on Multipliers Days
Foxwoods Rewards has four levels.

According to vpFREE2, $400 coin in = 1 reward credit (0.25%) on all video poker. $200 coin in = 1 reward credit (0.5%) on Slot Machines. This is not completely true since full pay in the High Limit rooms earned no points at all. I knew I would be playing quarters, so the previous reward information was a good place to start.

What Is Coin In?

“Coin In” refers to the amount of money run through a machine. It doesn’t necessarily every time you wager. For example, you put a $100 bill into the machine. Then you bet $10 a spin. Over the next 10 minutes or so, you get a bunch of little wins and keep playing, but never put any more of your actual CASH into the machine. You then have $300 of the coin in without adding more of your bankroll.

Figuring Out The Needed Bankroll – How To Plan Video Poker Sessions

On a regular day playing video poker at Foxwoods, $400 coin in = 1point. However, earning 1 reward credit gives you 4 tier credits (also at vpFREE2).

Players can use reward credits for dining, retail, etc. Tier credits are earned to represent your level of play and Tier Level of rewards. As you play with your rewards card, you earn both.

So to reach the 70 tier points needed to level up, I would need $7000 coin in. So the math would be:

  • $400 coin in = 4 tier credits,
  • or $100 coin in =1 tier credit.
  • I need 70 tier credits,
  • so 70 X $100 = $7000 coin in.

Are you with me so far? Good. Now on a 5X multiplier day, it would take only 1/5th the coin in. So…

$7000 X .2 (1/5th) = only $1400 coin in on video poker.

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Know How You Play

“Now what?” you ask. This is where you need to know how fast you play for the greatest accuracy. The average video poker player plays six hands per minute or 360 hands per hour. I play a bit faster at 15 hands per minute, or 900 hands per hour. For our purposes, we’ll split the difference kind of and use 500 per hour.

Is Speed of Play Important?

Remember, your video poker play’s speed is only important at the speed of your most accurate play.

The Final Chance to Embrace the Math

Here we go. Let’s review – to earn 70 rewards points on a 5X multiplier day; this player needs $1400 coin-in. If he plays 500 hands on a single-line video poker game (max bet of $1.25), he will generate a $625 coin-in.

So, with a bankroll of $1400, this player will earn his 70 points in approximately 2 hours.

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How To Plan Video Poker Sessions on Multipliers Days
Single-line Video Poker game.

Other VariablesMy Play

I chose to play Triple Play Poker, Double Double Bonus. Triple play is three hands played at the same time. Max bet is $3.75, or a total of $3375 coin in. If all went well, it should have taken me a half hour to reach 70 tier points.

Other variables to consider would be

  • play other Multi-line games such as Ultimate X, 3,5 or 10-play
  • changing denomination. More hands at a nickel, or single line $1 or $5 games.


Did all my math work? Well, kind of. On the 9th hand of the day, I received the surprise below.

How To Plan Video Poker Sessions on Multipliers Days

I guess we will never really know. But I still say, “Embrace the Math, Not the Myth.”


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  1. Make sure you check the rules regarding point multiplier days. Many time bonus points do not count toward tier upgrades, drawing entries, etc..

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