Happy National Blackjack Day!

Yes, it is March 2nd, 2022. Better yet, it’s 3/2/22! Don’t we all wish for 3/2 blackjack! Well, today’s the day to celebrate the most popular casino table game – Happy National Blackjack Day!

Happy National Blackjack Day

NationalBlackjackDay.org is not just a recognition of the biggest and best casino game; it’s a movement! According to the website, “We are also bringing attention to the declining amount of 3:2 payout tables and other changes that have negatively impacted the odds to win and ultimately reduce the enjoyment of the game for both skilled and amateur players.” They have my vote.

NationalBlackjackDay.org says, “The date March 2nd – 3:2 – is National Blackjack Day for a particular reason. More and more casinos are moving away from 3:2 payouts for blackjack and moving to 6:5. “This trend is taking money out of player’s hands, tilting the odds even further to the house, and eroding the game from its once-dominant position to just another table on casino floors.”

Squeezing the Customer

Several gamblers believe that the house continues to decrease value from the casino. How? – by enforcing paid parking lots, fewer free drinks, lower percentage slot machines, and even triple-zero roulette. But the biggest culprit is the move in the past ten years to more 6:5 blackjack replacing 3:2, as initially expected.

Happy National Blackjack Day

But some casino owners make all blackjack 3:2. For example, Derek Stevens’ downtown properties, the D Las Vegas, the Golden Gate, Circa, and the Rampart Casino at the Resort at Summerlin are observing National Blackjack Day for the third straight year. These casinos are boosting 3-2 plays and offering a free bonus of $20 bet to Rampart Rewards cardholders who hit a suited blackjack on wagers of $10 or more.

Unfortunately, no New England Casinos are celebrating.

NETimeGambling As A Resource – Happy National Blackjack Day

Here are posts that we have provided in the past. Check them out to help your Blackjack Celebration today.

Players Should Check Out Blackjack Hall of Fame

Happy National Blackjack Day

The most excellent blackjack experts, authors, and professional players in blackjack history are honored in the Blackjack Hall of Fame, located at the Barona Casino near San Diego, California. The idea originated in 2002 when a group of top professional players nominated 21 candidates for consideration.  The final vote, with public input, took place at Max Rubin’s Blackjack Ball in January 2003. 

We also highly recommend listening to the Gambling with an Edge Podcast with Bob Dancer and Richard Munchkin. They are two of the pioneers in gambling podcasts. GWAE includes interviews with black professionals and poker, video poker, and table game advantage players over the ten years.

Summary – Happy National Blackjack Day

So, join the movement and celebrate National Blackjack Day today, #BlackjackDay. Play 3:2 blackjack, share your love of the game and call the casino companies to keep 3:2 blackjack tables.

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