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Happy July 4th from NETimeGambling. It’s the day we celebrate the anniversary of declaring independence from Great Britain in 1776.

1776 was a lucky year for that to happen. I mean, look at the sevens in that year.  And 1+7+7+6 = 21, divisible by 3. That’s 7 7 7!  Gambling had to be popular in 1776, right?

Gambling has been a cornerstone of this country from the beginning.  In fact, our independence might never have existed if it weren’t for gambling. The Continental Congress sent the Declaration of Independence to the King of England and rebelled against his authority in 1776. In the meantime, politicians had a difficult time funding the War of Independence. One of the chief ways they raised funds was through raffles. These became key factors in raising the money to continue the war until the Founding Fathers borrowed funds from the big European banking houses. All 13 original colonies established lotteries to raise revenue, and playing became a civic responsibility in the 1770s.

Native Americans played games of chance as part of tribal ceremonies and celebrations hundreds of years before America was colonized. Colonists from Europe brought gambling traditions with them to the New World. For instance, historical accounts report that people in parts of New England gambled on horse racing and cockfighting.

So, you see, gambling actually played a part in the independence we celebrate today.

Happy July 4th from NETimeGambling, from Binbin, Bert & Miguel

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