Guide to Slot Machine Play – Max Bet and Progressives Slots

As casinos begin to open, excitement and curiosity may overpower health concerns. Some of us can’t wait to get back to the casino. However, if you are a prepared slot player, complete with a mask and hand sanitizer, you may be so excited while playing that you forget some important things. So here is your Guide to Slot Machine Play – Max Bet and Progressives Slots.

Number of Credits – When to Play Max Bet

Well, it depends on the kind of slot machine you are sitting at.  If you are playing a non-progressive machine  (no accumulating jackpots), you should bet the amount your bankroll dictates for the time you wish to play. These machines are called Straight Multipliers.

Playing Straight Multipliers

Guide to Slot Machine Play - Max Bet and Progressives Slots
The original Buffalo Slot was a Straight Multiplier.

Straight Multipliers are machines that payout the same no matter what your bet per line equals.  For example, if you bet 25 cents and get a paid 25 cents on that pull. If you bet 50 cents and get the same pay combination on the next pull, you receive 50 cents. It’s the same multiplier for all payouts.

John Robinson of the website Casino City suggests one coin per line since the payout will be the same for whatever the amount is bet.  However, our Guide to Slot Machine Play suggests considering the casino’s perception of your play.  The amount of bet and time played are two of the most important parts of perks and casino offers. Betting 40 cents a bet instead of $1.20 per bet is a big difference to the casino and its rewards program.  But that is a personal choice for every gambler.

Playing Progressive Slot Machines

If you are playing a progressive machine, with progressive amounts accumulating, check to see if you need max bet to be eligible. If so, play max bet. On most progressive machines, the max bet is the only way to win the huge jackpot.  And remember, the payout percentage on slots with big progressives is slightly lower to make up for the eventual higher payout. Some machines offer jackpot choices on even the lowest bet as well.

Types of Progressive Slot Machines

  • Standalone Progressives have a jackpot ticker on the game. Only money bet on that specific machine feeds the jackpot. Many are “pay-for-play” machines. Depending on the number of credits played, you will be eligible for different payouts. The more credits you bet, the more paying combinations are available. Max bet usually includes the jackpot.
  • Standalone “Must Hit By” Progressives are different from the standalone jackpots. They accumulate on every bet, but very slowly. The machine has when it has to hit the jackpot by. But it can take up to $5 to move the jackpot one penny closer to that “must hit by” amount
Guide to Slot Machine Play
Ainsworth Rumble Rumble “Must Hit” Progressive Slot Machine
  • Local Progressives are games that feature jackpots within a specific casino that are linked. This network can include as few as a dozen or so machines, or it can include a hundred machines—it just depends on the casino. Usually, the jackpots available on these games are under $1,000,000, and often they’re under $100,000. Max Bet is usually required for these machines.
  • Wide Area Network Progressives link slot machines from multiple casinos in the same state. This allows the jackpot to accumulate into astronomical sums of money, often over $1 million and sometimes even over $10 million. The most well-known brand of wide area network progressives is the Megabucks games from IGT.

Final Guide to Slot Machine Play Reminder – Play All Lines

Always follow this simple rule – always cover the maximum number of lines if you have a choice.  By not betting max lines, you diminish the full possibility of payouts available, diminishing the payout of a slot machine even more. Many slots today do not give you the option. All options are maxed lines and multiplied automatically for the amount of your bet.

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