Casino Gambling Losing Streaks – Try Playing “Opposites” Strategy

Casino Gambling Losing Streaks are inevitable. We all love that gambling winning streak when it seems everything is hitting.  But we all loathe those dreaded losing streaks that are looming around the corner.


When I find nothing is working to stop a Casino Gambling Losing streak, I  will “play opposites” and see what happens. What is “play opposites?’ you ask? ……..Read on………

In the middle of a losing steak? Maybe you need a time out! Or try an “opposite approach!”

An Unscientific Answer to Casino Gambling Losing Streaks

Do you believe in karma & luck or do you believe in math & the House Edge?  I tend to believe in the math, but even the best game strategy can fall prey to the house edge.  At any time may I end up flipping from the mathematical to the mythical, superstitious, or just plain opposite strategy, depending on the game.

Is there a scientific method to my madness?  Not in the least, except it helps me feel less helpless in the casino and leads me away to new experiences. Here is my disclaimer – this is not foolproof and does not insure a change of karma, luck, success or even beating the house edge.  It doesn’t prove anything – but I will “play opposites” just because…….

For example, let’s take craps. If my “3-point Molly” strategy on the pass line isn’t working, I may switch to the no-pass. The no-pass is still a valid way to play craps, but doesn’t make any extra friends at the table.  But, it’s the opposite of what wasn’t working, so I’ll flip to see what does happen.

Maybe Lucky Donuts can help stop a losing streak.

Here are some other “opposites” that I play.  Remember, this is my own personal thing and I am not advocating it as a valid play for the recreational player, let alone the advantage player. It’s just sometimes “whimsy’ takes a hold of me in a losing streak.

SLOTS – Many slot players have favorite slots, or favorite slot makers. So do I.  But when they don’t bring me joy – especially financially – I will go out of my way to play slots I would never be attracted to.  I like Aristocrat slots, but don’t like the kind that needs three bonus symbols in a row. On “opposites day,” I will seek them out.

Remember – no logic, full of whimsy.

3-CARD POKER – Basic strategy is pretty easy.  But when it doesn’t work well, I may just bet the 6-card bonus only.  Higher house edge, but it’s a different way to play the same game.

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MINI-BAC – My opposite play when it’s not working? I’ll switch to Casino War.  It’s even less to think about.

VIDEO POKER – I prefer to play DDB andJOB.  But “opposites” day means Deuces Wild, or even carnival VP like Magic Deal, Multi-Streak Poker or even Barnyard Poker.  One never knows where a Royal Flush may lurk.  To learn other games, click on our affiliate banner above to play video poker for free at

VIDEO POKER – Another opposite when I can’t even get a three-of-a-kind it seems, is switch to Four-Card Keno. There is some strategy involved and if I play Cleopatra keno, I can look forward to bonus play as well.

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So, is there something you do during a losing streak?  Follow us on Twitter today and tell us. Or, just let me know how ridiculous my “opposites” strategy is…… and we can laugh, and laugh…….





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