is bringing you an updated series that will culminate with a huge announcement. This series of posts will look into each state as of today, in the summer of 2022. We will start north and work our way to the coastline. Our third state is definitely not known for its gambling, but is completely surrounded by it. Here is Gambling in Vermont-The Green Mountain State.

Gambling in Vermont-The Green Mountain State

Vermont’s politicians have flirted with several forms of gambling, but most approved for trial were eventually shut down.

  • 1959 – Pari-mutuel betting was introduced to the state
  • 1963 – All horse races were held at the Green Mountain Race Track in Pownal
Gambling in Vermont-The Green Mountain State
Green Mountain Race Track, Vermont’s first and only parimutuel race track. The grandstand is completely glass enclosed, and the clubhouse seats 6,000 patrons. 
Gambling in Vermont-The Green Mountain State
  • 2008 – Green Mountain Race Track was closed down.
  • 2015 – the local lawmakers authorized the installation of Video Lottery Terminals in 25 bars across the state as a part of a pilot program. One year later, this program was terminated, and the terminals were removed.

Vermont Gambling Law Summary

Vermont Statutes define gambling as “winning or losing money or another valuable thing by play or hazard at any game.” This definition is broad enough to cover internet games, so playing on offshore sites while remaining within state lines is definitely against the law. Engaging in unlawful gambling is punishable by a $10-$200 fine unless the offense is committed in a public gambling house, in which case the penalty may also involve imprisonment for up to sixty days.

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Vermont is surrounded by states with sports betting – Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and New York – and is bordered by the Canadian province of Quebec to its north. Multiple bills to legalize sports betting in Vermont have failed recently, but their sponsors were back again in 2021.

Gambling in Vermont-The Green Mountain State
Vermont will be surrounded by legalized sports betting by 2023.

If passed, the latest bill:

  • would authorize Vermont sports betting through the lottery and allow up to six mobile sportsbook operators.
  • specifically ban betting on Vermont colleges or any college event in Vermont. That would not include a ban on betting on a college tournament that includes VT colleges or part of the events taking place in the state, however.
  • would allow betting through Vermont Lottery retailers for anyone 18 or over

As of 10/1/2022, the bill has stalled, and it doesn’t appear that the state has any plans to pass new legislation legalizing other forms of offline or online gambling.

Robin “Binbin” Aubin