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Well, it’s been three months since Foxwoods Resort Casino changed a few things concerning it’s rewards program.  With all the sincerity of a squirrel after the first acorn of fall, so, too, I sought out to inform you of these changes and present our followers with a comparison of then and now.

According to the Foxwoods web site, “The New Foxwoods Rewards Program supposedly accelerates you to higher tiers faster than ever, whether you play Slots, Tables, Poker, Keno or bet at Race Book. Now, all earned Foxwoods Tier Credits and Rewards Points will make upgrading to the next Tier more rewarding for our Members, plus you can enjoy more benefits and their NEW Monthly Choice Benefit.”  Sounds great.  But let’s look closer………..

Earning Period & Tier Credits

Earning tier credits will now be 6 months instead of 12 months starting October 1, 2017.  That seems to make it bigger demand on your play.  But the number of tier credits for each of the same levels has also been diminished. Members must earn the minimum number of qualifying Tier Credits during a 6-month time period to advance to the next Tier. The total number of qualifying Tier Credits for each card level is as follows:
Wonder: 0 – 399 (previously was 0-899 Tier Credits)
Gold: 400 – 1,999 (previously was 900-2,399 Tier Credits)
Platinum: 2,000 – 9,999 (previously was 2,400-31,999 Tier Credits)
Diamond: 10,000+ (previously was 32,000+ Tier Credits)

This seems to be a plus, with less credits needed relatively speaking. By moving to a 6-month program, Members do not need to earn as many Tier Credits, which allow them to advance to the next Tier faster.

Tier credits Will reset to 0 on October 1 and April 1 each year. Gold, Platinum, and Diamond Tier levels will be reevaluated on a semi-annual basis. (Does this mean if you “barely” make the next level, you could still be down-graded?  It seems that they have provided a little loophole for themselves, now, doesn’t it!) While Tier level upgrades will take place automatically throughout the year as members earn the next level, once a Tier level is achieved, it will be in effect through the end of the qualifying time period (Oct. 1 – March 31 & April 1 – Sep 30 each year).

POINT ACCELERATORS used to be as follows: GOLD-15% Slots/ 30% Tables Games, PLATINUM-20% Slots/ 30% Tables Games, DIAMOND-30% Slots/ 30% Tables.  Nothing on the website describes the previous accelerators, so I must assume they are not offered anymore.

Earning Tier credits through spending at the resort, or through credit cards is not available like other rewards clubs such as Total Rewards of Caesars Entertainment and MLife of MGM International. Earning Tier credits through play is as before, BINGO – 1 Tier points for every 1 Reward point, TABLE GAMES – 2 Tier points for every 1 Reward SLOTS, POKER, KENO, RACE BOOK – 4 Tier points for every 1 Reward point.

Foxwoods Rewards has four levels.

Big Change – Choice Credits

Previously players could choose between your choice of Bonus Slot Play, Free Bet or Rewards Points Accelerator each month by visiting the rewards club and making the choice on the 1st, 11th and 21st of each month.  Now, your offers will be based on your play during that period, not the previous play period or on your present tier level.  Choice offers will be mailed to certain Rewards members and will be available ONLY on specific days during the month, again, according to your play.  Foxwoods Rewards Points on all Tiers will expire from an account if there is no activity on the account for over 12 months.

Rewards Points are for players to use toward hotel rooms, dining, entertainment, golf, spa services, retail purchases, select Tanger Outlets stores throughout the day’s play based on the type of game they are playing, their average bet, and length of play. If you are unhappy with your offers, you can contact someone at

Personal Experience

A Royal flush at a previous play at Foxwoods – gotta love that Ultimate X!

With a very small sample over the last three months, it seems that Video poker accumulates faster than other casinos. I have been able to equal half of last year’s tier points over two months of play already.  But remember, that’s only video poker & slots over an extremely small sample. I have not played table games at Foxwoods.

Personally, I hope this works out.  It seems to be more based on your ADT and your Theoretical worth to the casino than previous years.  The more you play, the better your offers. For more information on that, try our previous post Casino Comps & Your “Average Daily Theoretical”

Please note – gambling for offers is a dangerous slope.  Gamble for the fun and enjoyment. Chasing offers is like chasing losses – it’s easy to go over board. As Cousin Vito says, “Bet With Your Head, Not Over It.”

More updates later as the process of the new Foxwoods Rewards unfolds.

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7 thoughts on “Foxwoods Rewards – Before and After

  1. Bonnie says:

    Good info about MS. Where do you find out about the 3x multiplier days – do they post it on their website? Did see about the 2x days at FW in January – all on Thursday’s. Not the best day for me, but we are planning on overnight on the 11th so will be able to take advantage of it that day.

    I also saw about the earn a point for a buffet promo, but there is a catch:

    Earn a Point, Eat for Free

    at Festival Buffet

    December 25 – 31

    Earn 1 Foxwoods Rewards point playing slots in Fox Tower, Great Cedar, or Grand Pequot Casinos from December 25-31, 2017 and receive a FoxPerx ticket for a FREE BUFFET offer redeemable January 2-5, 2018.

    Have to made a trip back to actually redeem it. 🙁

  2. binbin415 says:

    Any short play at MS will kill your ADT. I’ve cut back to only big plays on 3x multiplier days. FSlotplay has increased. But on multipliers I play majority of slots to raise status. The good news is that full pay JOB still earn status points.

    BTW, end of the month FW is offering 1point buffet offer. And January introducing some 2x multiplier days. Is it enough to sway me from MS? I don’t think so.

  3. Bonnie says:

    I was not disappointed in your post, sorry if my reply came across that way. I could tell you were trying to be objective and not saying how you really felt! I may also try switching loyalty to MS, especially if FW discontinues the comp rooms. I have played sporadically at Mohegan Sun and never received any consistent or substantial offers (and never a comp room). The only drawback to playing at Mohegan is not getting points for the full pay VP. And I wonder if going several months without play at FW will lead to better offers to entice me back?

  4. pdandrea2017 says:

    Yeah, I need to take a class on this. You talk about points way too much. Feel like I am missing something.

  5. binbin415 says:

    Wow! Bonnie, great comment. In my post I was trying to be as objective as possible, but deep down I totally agree. The bit about ADT is so correct, unless you continue to play with the same bankroll (unlikely, especially not local). It’s almost like they thought they were giving away too much that wasn’t deserved. I get the same type of offer as you now as a gold card member too. Makes me rethink keeping it and giving my play to MoSun.

    Great info on that new marketing person.

    Thanks so much for the info. I apologize if my post disappointed you. Not getting that netting with marketing certainly held me back. But I agree with your analysis. Bravo.

  6. Bonnie says:

    Hi Robin,
    I’ve been looking forward to this article from you since we met at the FARGO breakfast and discussed the changes to the Foxwoods Loyalty program. Though you might be interested to hear a few comments from my perspective.
    First of all, I think that the new loyalty program absolutely sucks. They went from a Choice Benefit of $75 redeemable once per month to three $25 choice benefits redeemable 3 times per month. This change was annoying, but tolerable. The new changes really stink. I am at Gold status and now receive a scratch off card that is good for each Friday of the month for either $5 or, hold on to your hat once per month it can double to $10! That barely covers the cost of my gas to there. Not to mention that I would have to take a day off of work to go on a Friday. And, there is nothing else available to me on that day (extra free slot play, points, free gift) as Foxwoods has done away with offering layering incentives. Another little perk they offered during the summer that ended was that once per week you could earn a point and get a free buffet. The only thing they haven’t done away with (yet) is complimentary room offers for Sun-Thu nights.
    What I find really comical is the answer on the Foxwoods FAQ to the question “Why is the Foxwoods Rewards program changing?”
    “We changed it for you, to provide a better loyalty experience for our loyal and new Foxwoods Rewards Members. In listening to feedback from our loyal Foxwoods Rewards Members, it was clear that we have an opportunity to provide you with an improved loyalty program. Now, all earned Foxwoods Tier Credits and Rewards Points will make upgrading to the next Tier more rewarding for our Members, plus you can enjoy more benefits and our NEW Monthly Choice Benefit.”
    Really? Where is the improved loyalty program? By loyalty do they mean more visits per month? I have not been rewarded more for the next Tier and I have not enjoyed more benefits. In my eyes, this statement is complete BS.
    Robin, in response to your statement “It seems to be more based on your ADT and your Theoretical worth to the casino than previous years. The more you play, the better your offers.” I think they are trying to get you to visit the Casino as many times as possible in the month, which should lower your ADT if you are sticking to gambling limits (X amount of budgeted gambling $ spread out over 4 trips per month instead of 2 will cut your ADT in half). Seems like they are trying to get people to go over their gambling limits with more visits.
    So, who do we have to thank for all these wonderful changes. After a bit of research (Google searches), I discovered that in July, there was a new Chief Marketing Office hired by Foxwoods. Her name is Suzanne Trout, and she has a trail of casinos in her path that have suffered the same fate as Foxwoods. They have also recently hired Jennifer Johnson as VP of Loyalty Marketing. Check out this article for some more complete BS
    I’m sure once Suzanne moves on in a year or 2 and probably collects a big bonus, the Foxwoods loyalty program will not improve, unless MGM Springfield and Wynn Boston harbor can put a significant dent in their business when they open in September 2018 and May 2019 respectively.


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