Foxwoods Entertainment and Trip Reports – Reopening Updates

Entertainment venues across the country are still looking to open. Unfortunately, this means most shows in Las Vegas are also indefinitely dark. Besides, most concert venues in New England are on hold. However, Foxwoods continues to add opportunities. Here’s Foxwoods Entertainment and Trip Reports – Reopening Updates.

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Foxwoods Goes Retro With Drive-In Movies

Foxwoods is going “retro” to entertain you. The “Wonder of It All” offers a Drive-in Movie every Thursday through Sunday in July, all at 8:45 PM. Ticket prices are $25 per car plus an Environmental fee of $15. Concessions, movie schedule, rules, guidelines, and all other information may be found at Foxwoods Drive-In,   or call 800-200-2882.  It’s a good idea to make a reservation.

Foxwoods Entertainment and Trip Reports – Next Five Concerts.

  1. Russell Peters – 8/15/2020 @8:00 PM in the Grand Theater
  2. Nikki Glaser – 8/21/2020 @8:00 PM in the Fox Theater
  3. Doug Stanhope – 8/22/2020 @8:00 PM in the Fox Theater
  4. Weezer – 8/28/2020 @8:00 PM in the Grand Theater
  5. John Legend – 8/29/2020 @8:00 PM in the Grand Theater

Check the Foxwoods Entertainment Website for all inquiries.

More Foxwoods Entertainment Updates

MONZA WORLD-CLASS KARTING at Foxwoods, courtesy Hartford Courant.

The Fox Tower Casino and Rainmaker Casino are now open Friday–Sunday, 12 PM–2 AM. Consequently, all casinos are now open in some form or another. For thrill rides, Hologate Virtual Reality & XD Dark Ride has been added to the opening with Monza World-Class Karting.

Golf has had lots of interest all over New England. As the #1 golf course in Connecticut, Lake Of Isles features 900 acres of scenic woodland and a picturesque 90-acre lake. Of course, every hole is a work of art. Besides, golf packages are available. You can stay at The Fox Tower and play at the award-winning Lake of Isles golf course for one special price, several surprise extras with the Foxwoods golf package.

Lake of Isles Golf Course at Foxwoods

Casino Precautions – a Reminder

Any of the four open casinos at Foxwoods include many of the precautions you’ve heard about in other New England Casinos. For Information concerning that, as well as all the restaurant openings, CLICK HERE – WELCOME BACK!

Foxwoods Entertainment and Trip Reports-Feedback from New England’s Facebook Communities

I play slots, as you know. I enjoy the weekend better than during the week M-F because the slots are available in 4 casinos instead of two. Clean off your own machine; they are trying to keep up but simply can’t. Be prepared; some cash out machines are out of money. This means if you in the tower, you will have to walk back over to the other casinos. The VIP lounges are now in the ballroom right next to DD. I love it here now that it is smoke-free! The people who pay me my hand pays are lovely, and the lounge workers are spot on. – CarolAnn M. from Art in The Game Facebook Community

I was there 2 weeks ago and knew what the procedures were and followed them. I will ONLY go during the mid-week because I will not stand behind someone playing a machine that I want to play. They distance slot Machines properly. Table games mins are no less than $15. So those who want only to pay $5…forget it! – Christopher S., from New England Casinos (Casino Biz, Gambling and Recreational Insights)

I was there on Monday. A little eerie. The tower area gaming floor was shut down—machines on but no sound. You could practically hear crickets. It seemed like half of the outlets were closed. When I reached the slots, it struck me that there weren’t many 1 cent machines. That might be normal because I haven’t played there for years. They take your temperature before you’re allowed in. No touch, you get scanned automatically by a computer with an iPad type screen – Chris M., from Art in The Game Facebook Community

But Wait, There’s More!

I went down on a Monday with $200 to spend, plenty of parking, signage on where to go. Staff greet you at the elevator and direct which way to go to get your temperature taken. [It takes] all of maybe 8 seconds for that and told to have a great day. I walked into great cedar to play, and there were many areas available to sit and play slots. I played for about an hour at a few slot machines and walked out with $1200. Great day for me! – Cynthia S. from Everything Foxwoods*Mohegan Sun*MGM Springfield*Twin River*Tiverton*Encore

I went 2 Fridays ago. My husband and I had a good time. Won craps there. We ate at the sugar factory. They seated us right away. Plenty of hand sanitizer and wipes. It was hard getting a blackjack seat. They did have plexiglass up. Wearing a mask for me wasn’t a problem because both my jobs require me to wear one while working – from Rebecca B., from Everything Foxwoods*Mohegan Sun*MGM Springfield*Twin River*Tiverton*Encore.