Find My Mistakes In My Mohegan Sun Disaster

So, you think you practice good habits as a gambler? Are you willing to admit there are times you stray from good bankroll management, game knowledge, and smart gambling practices? Well, it happened to me recently. Let’s see if you can Find My Mistakes In My Mohegan Sun Disaster.

Do As I Say, Not As I Do?

My Mohegan Sun Disaster

I always have believed that learning should be a lifelong ambition. But, even when you think you’ve mastered the proficient approach to gambling, something always happens to remind you you’re human. My mother always warned me “wait for the other shoe to drop” when I was proud of my accomplishments. Well, that shoe must have been a size 16 wide on my last visit to Mohegan Sun. So, let’s see if you can Find The Mistakes In My Mohegan Disaster.

I Should Have Known Better

But when it comes to gambling, it’s important to do the best you can in preparation. This ensures your best chance to win, right?

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The following is a testament to the fact that the best-laid plans of mice and gamblers can still provide a horrible experience. And those unexpected downturns in your play can cause a well-informed, usually smart gambler to fall into the pit of bad decisions.

Quick Reminder About Expected Value

Expected value, or EV, doesn’t guarantee long-term success, but gambling without EV considerations guarantees long-term failure.

My Mohegan Sun Disaster

Expected Value is the long-run average value and doesn’t tell us if and how much we can win or lose by a specific bet in a gambling game. In the long run, we mean after many thousands of trials (plays). The more trials (plays) we make, the closer we will get to the expected value predicted by the math of the Random Number Generator.

Keep in mind EV can’t be completely trusted. Any single play could turn into a win or lose, and any session long or short, can score a jackpot or bring your bankroll to its knees.

The following is my story. remember, try to pick out my mistakes.

A Mohegan Sun Disaster On Status Mayhem

For Status Mayhem, I usually arrive when it starts – 6:00 am. That way, I don’t miss the possibility of 5X status points if it’s the first multiplier of the day. Unfortunately, I was a tad early, so I went directly to play Pai Gow Poker since the seats fill up quickly. If the first multiplier were 2X, I would stay and play until the multiplier appeared. If it were 4X or 5X, I would be at the slots. This promotion is only valid for slots and video poker.

My Mohegan Sun Disaster
These signs show multiplier, duration, and when it changes.

Well, the first multiplier WAS 2X. So, Pai Gow Poker was my choice until a better multiplier showed up. But, not for long.

If anyone out there plays Pai Gow Poker, you know over 60% of the hands played are usually pushes, getting your money back (when not playing the side bets.)

I played two hands per deal, $25 on each. Immediately, the handwriting was on the wall – two deals, four hands lost, $100 gone in less than two minutes. “Color me in,” I said. I needed to protect my bankroll for the higher multipliers coming up.

I felt incredibly frustrated already at one of my favorite promotions, but I still was waiting for the next shoe to drop.

More Frustration

The next multiplier was also 2X. Well, instead of playing $25 keno, or getting breakfast, or taking a walk, and waiting for the next multiplier, I played anyway.

Nothing hit – no bonuses. Nada. My bankroll had been reduced to half, still waiting for 5X. So, I played video poker – and didn’t notice the multiplier had changed again to 5X! The downside? It had been that way for 30 minutes; I hadn’t noticed and kept playing an extremely volatile game with no success. Worst news – my bankroll was down to a measly $100. Not the position I wanted to be in.

So, I did what I always tell others never to do. With only 15 minutes left with 5X status points, I played Ultimate X at $.25, Triple Play Double Double Bonus (a volatile game in itself) like a madman. The result – no quads (four-of-a-kind), no big hands with any Ultimate X multiplier, nothing.

My plan was a bust.

The result:

  • Time of Play was shorter than I wanted.
  • Bankroll ended up in shambles
  • My favorite promotion was a horrible failure.
  • My ADT (average daily theoretical) may have suffered also.


My Mohegan Sun Disaster

Gambling is an adventure, a journey of many ups and downs. But realizing that sessions like above happen, and it’s part of the beast, dulls the pain. Besides, if you stick to your gambling bankroll, consider it entertainment.

After reading my story, I found 13 mistakes in my approach that day. What mistakes did you see in the story?

As I said, learning is a life ambition. Application of that knowledge can be summed up in three words – “Try, Try Again.”