FAVORITE Linked Progressive Slots In New England

Linked Progressive Slot Machines seem to be all the rage in casinos these days. Look around the casino floor, and you’ll see “This Link” and “That Link,” Everywhere a “Link, Link.” So, what are the Favorite Linked Progressive Slots in New England? NETimeGambling.com conducted a poll to find out.

Progressive Slot Machines

Favorite Linked Progressive Slots in New England
Lightning Link

What revolutionized progressive slot play was the networking of progressive slot machines. So, there are two types of progressive networks – local and wide-area. Local area progressives provide larger potential jackpots than the original stand-alone machine. This is because all machines’ on the network contribute to the payout potential of one machine.

The Link Lunacy – Favorite Linked Progressive Slots in New England

In New England’s casinos, progressive slot machines seem to get the most attention. It boggles the mind that Aristocrat Gaming started this craze only over five years ago with Lightning Link. As they say, the rest is history.

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Lightning Link was new and different. Not only did these games have free game bonuses, but they included a new bonus – the Lightning bonus. So if you accumulated six money symbols, you would be given additional free chances to add more.

Favorite Linked Progressive Slots in New England

Also, these machines had progressive bonuses that would pop up on these money symbols – a Mini, Minor, Major, and Grand.

But the most enticing part about them is that you could hit any bonus with the minimum bet (usually $.50).

Let the Evolution Begin

From that point, every game manufacturer wanted a piece of “link” action. Aristocrat added Dragon Link to its portfolio, Scientific Games(SG) introduced Ultimate Fire Link, and Williams Gaming (WMS), an SG division, introduced Lock It, Link. They all offered the additionally linked progressives, the accumulating symbol bonus, and a low denomination ability to hit progressives.

Usually, 4-6 machines have their progressives “linked” either in a row or in a circle.

NETimeGambling Poll – What’s the Favorite “Link” Progressive?

We did a very “unscientific” poll this week to find out which was the favorite. The poll was tweeted in NETimeGambling and sent to 3 New England Casino Facebook Communities. And here’s what we found:

Fire Link43
Lightning Link28
Dragon Link24
Lock it Link12

Out of 107 votes, Ultimate Fire Link was the favorite taking 40% of the votes.

Please Note – Some might have voted twice because they follow multiple Facebook groups.

Everything Foxwoods*Mohegan Sun*MGM Springfield*Twin River*Tiverton*Encore had the most entries with 63. BRAVO! and Thank You!

Now, go “link” it up. But, before you go, enjoy one a related post, 3 True Stories About Slot Machine Vultures.


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