Exciting News From NETimeGambling

Today’s post is more about NETimeGambling than New England Today. It’s Exciting News From NETimeGambling

Announcement #1

Today is our 1000th post!

Oddly enough, the post announcing the 1000th post IS the 1000th post. Ironic. It’s not easy reporting on such a small piece of the country’s casino pie in the gambling podcast, vlog, & blogosphere.

Exciting News From NETimeGambling

When we started in 2013:

  • Maine only had the Hollywood Bangor Racetrack, Hotel, and Casino.
  • Rhode Island had Twin River Casino (no hotel and no table games), and Newport Grand Slots was still alive.
  • Massachusetts had passed the Expanded Gaming Act and was desperately trying to get Plainridge Park up and running.

It was a fun time to begin reporting on New England’s Casino Expansion.

Many posts have been published and put away in the internet graveyard. I saved a few for your amusement:

Now It’s Wynn vs. the ‘Woods – Caesars Forced to Drop out of Massachusetts

New England Casino Expansion – Past and Present.

Massachusetts Gaming Briefs – Will There Still Be Casinos in Mass After all is Done?

Announcement #2

More Exciting News From NETimeGambling – NETimeGambling is Adding a Podcast

Exciting News From NETimeGambling

“The time has come,” the walrus said, “to talk of many things: Of shoes and ships – and sealing wax – of cabbages…” and NETG adding a podcast.

Lewis Carroll, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland / Through the Looking-Glass / Variation By Binbin

Our Podcast is not your full-length “You Can Bet On That” type of Podcast. Instead, the New England Casino and Gambling Podcast will extend the website with a few short audio blasts of recent posts. Most of the episodes will consist of New England news and exciting coverage of recreational gambling topics.

What’s It All About, Binbin?

I’ll be shocked If any episode goes beyond 10 minutes. But you’ll be able to listen to the post instead of reading it. Cool, eh? Exciting News From NETimeGambling!

The inspiration came from Michael Trager and TravelZork’s Podcast ZorkCast. “Got Nine Minutes?” was their theme. Related Post – Why Aren’t You Following TravelZork

Brain Stuff – Your Daily Serving of Smart is the second influence. These podcast episodes are between 4-8 minutes and cover a world of topics, primarily non-gambling.

Exciting News From NETimeGambling

And so, The New England Casino and Gambling Podcast was born. You can find it on the NETimeGambling website, Spotify, and Apple. More specifics will be forthcoming once I get my feet wet.

Here’s the trailer. Give a listen.


For all of you who have been following us at NETimeGambling, I say thank you so much. It’s a passion project that doesn’t see an end in sight.