Don’t Give In To Casino Trickery

For most of us, casino gambling is a recreational activity. We know the vast majority of games offered have a skewed house advantage. Don’t Give In To Casino Trickery.  

Research Focusing on Problem Gambling

Dr. Harrigan is the lead researcher and contact person for the University of Waterloo Problem Gambling Research Team. His primary research interest is gambling addictions.

Dr. Harrigan’s focus is on why so many slot machine players become problem gamblers. Also, he believes that the casino industry is trying to make addicts out of us all.

How do casinos entice the player to gamble more? According to Dr. Harrigan, casinos are not truthful about how much slot machines payout. It is true to a certain extent. Most other games have odds that players know or figure out.

Don't Give In To Casino Trickery
Big Win – Everytime?

Modern Slots Trickery

Dr. Harrigan’s article says, “…..on modern slot machines, half of ‘wins’ are actually net losses. An example would be a $1 bet with a 30¢ payoff. This is a loss of 70¢, but the machine shows bright graphics and makes sounds announcing a win.

Researchers call these events Losses Disguised as Wins (LDWs). Unfortunately, these give players the (incorrect) feelings of winning.”

Don't Give In To Casino Trickery
Inside Twin River Casino’s cavernous first floor casino.

The invention of video slots gave many small hits instead of waiting longer for bigger hits in reels slots. Bonuses also play into this trickery. Individual hits can be small more often due to the chance and volatility of hitting a bigger bonus. We all wait to hit THE BIG ONE – much like playing Lotteries.

Who’s Responsibility Is It? – Don’t Give In To Casino Trickery

In the long run, the real problem is that we still intend on being constantly entertained. Unfortunately, whatever the house edge, we play anyway. Why would so many people settle for 6/5 blackjack? or 6/5 JOB Video poker? Who’s responsible for playing games with a high house edge?

Don't Give In To Casino Trickery
Blackjack pay out.

Doesn’t the responsibility on which games to play rest on the shoulders of the gambler? YES!

Shouldn’t gamblers that play often be responsible enough to KNOW the best games, best strategies, and the pitfalls of high casino-advantage games? YES

Conclusion – Be Aware – Don’t Give In To Casino Trickery

So, be aware of the “tricks” (or maybe they are just good business practices) and take responsibility for your gaming. But if it’s not fun anymore, contact GA. Casinos have many different programs to help out of control gamblers. For example, casinos offer a “voluntary selfexclusion” list of compulsive gamblers. Signing this agreement would enable casinos to deny entry or be ejected from the premises.

So, be careful, be smart, be knowledgeable, and go to the casino with a money management plan. This way, you limit the “trickery” and leave with money. Lengthen your bankroll’s life and enjoy recreational gambling. Don’t Give In To Casino Trickery

Remember – If you can’t control your gambling, seek help.  

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That’s all for now. Remember, “Embrace the Math, not the myth!”



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