Steve Wynn’s Everett Casino Will Happen

Wynn Everett

Wynn Everett, MA

There is no doubt, Steve Wynn’s Everett Casino will happen. When it comes to making things happen in the Casino Industry, a Steve Wynn commitment is really never in doubt.  That’s why Wynn Everett is not an “IF” but a “WHEN.” Steve Wynn’s Everett Casino will happen.

Proposed Site of Wynn Everett

Proposed Site of Wynn Everett

Let’s face it, like him or not, he gets the job done.  So, when I read Erick Trickey’s article in Boston Magazine “Don’t Bet on It,” I knew he couldn’t be talking about Wynn.  It’s Steve Wynn! C’mon, man!  The fact he hasn’t gone anywhere yet means Steve-O  sees $$$. It will happen in Everett and I predict will be the Jewel of New England’s casinos. And so does Mr. Trickey, saying it’s a 1-3 bet to become a reality – even with all the cleanup involved.  A HUGE clean-up will take place – chemical waste before Wynn Everett is built and then $$$ after it’s built.

Contractors working on the area where the proposed Wynn Casino in Everett will exist. (Jesse Costa/WBUR)

Contractors working on the area where the proposed Wynn Casino in Everett will exist. (Jesse Costa/WBUR)

Barrow Believes in Project

Trickey quotes David Barrow, who has seemingly become the gaming industry Nostradamus in these here parts, saying, “Wynn has the Massachusetts Gaming Commission’s approval in hand, notes Clyde Barrow, project manager for the Northeastern Casino Gaming Research Project, so the only potential roadblock is the environmental cleanup of the site. “I think it will be built,” Barrow says. As for Boston’s opposition, Barrow asks, “To what extent is it really just an effort to negotiate a better deal?”

Wynn has already started fulfilling his obligations to state – the clean up has already begun.  This week, Wynn announced that Suffolk Construction Co., a Massachusetts company, will be the general contractor for the gambling facility being built on the site of a former chemical plant, calling the project the 3-million-square-foot project the “largest private single-phase construction project” in state history. Wynn and Suffolk say construction will create 4,000 jobs, while an additional 4,000 permanent jobs will be created when the casino opens.

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Wynn Everett, no matter how it was “given” the license, will be exciting to see and experience.  Many concerns still remain – community agreements, law suits, traffic concerns, etc.  But in five years it will be all forgotten.  Steve Wynn has a way of making the finished product speak for itself – loudly drowning out the concerns of previous years.  It’s time to embrace it – Wynn Everett is here to stay.





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