Do You Believe In Casino Karma

Today’s post is a true story that occurred just this weekend. It made me think about karma in the casino. Do you believe in casino karma?

The Cup Half Empty

Do you believe in casino karma

I tend to look at things with more pessimism than optimism. My mother firmly believed in the “waiting for the last shoe to drop” philosophy. Gambling, it’s no different. Maybe that angle helps me to accept the math involved and the losing sessions better than most. But, when it comes to gambling, I’ve always believed the following adage – “Embrace the math, not the myth.” It helps de-personalize your play and provides a stable base. A casino’s outcomes are mathematics and probability, not conspiracies or beliefs based on small observation samples.

But yesterday could have changed my feelings a little bit on that.

Video Poker on a 3X Status Points Day

Setting the Stage

I don’t believe in karma. Well, I didn’t until Memorial Day. So, with a small bankroll, my wife and I decided to take advantage of the 3X status points promo at Mohegan Sun. My first $100 loss was tedious but not torturous. Little spent over 30 minutes.

Then I sat down to play Triple Play Ultimate X. I love the game, but I vowed not to stay long since I only had $300 left. I would play JOB instead of Double Double Bonus to reduce some of the volatility.

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I sat next to a fellow playing the same, only 10-play. My play cost $7.50 per hand; his cost was $25. Yikes! And he kept feeding the machine.

Do you believe in casino karma

The Bathroom Break

I’m not one to hold the seat for the player next to me. I don’t know how long I’ll be there, and I want to move when I need to. But sometimes, I’m more understanding. So when this guy asked me to watch his seat, I said, “sure.” After all, we did have a brief bonding experience.

When he returned, we had brief, cordial conversations while playing with intermittent long spaces of silence.


That jackpot VP theme song started pumping. He had hit a royal with a 3X multiplier – $3000 hand pay!

The “After-the-Handpay” Experience – Do You Believe In Casino Karma

After congratulating him, he told me how that had made him even on the day. He was very grateful. We chatted some more, something I prefer not to do while playing. But he was just such a nice guy. I was about to find out how nice and considerate he was.

After a short time, he was ready to call it a night. First, he thanked me for my company and for holding his seat. Then, as he left, he repeated his thanks and tipped me $100! I couldn’t believe it. I advocate tipping dealers and staff, and I had heard about dice players tipping each other on good rolls. But I had never experienced receiving a tip myself. Maybe I should believe in casino karma?

Again I Ask You – Do You Believe in Karma

Lucky charms, shirts, and underwear – whatever you feel gives you an edge in your casino visit – is silly. “Embrace the Math, not the Myth.”

But we all do it. So, I will wear casino shirts or a NETimeGambling shirt. I feel like it gives me an edge. But I will never make a “karma donation” to my favorite podcast. But, of course, I will make donations – just not in the name of “karma.” That, however, may be changing somewhat.

After my friend left, I continued playing JOB triple Play Ultimate X at a $.25 denomination. It had worked well so far. My bankroll had doubled, and things were going well. So I took a chance and switched to Double-Double Bonus – Ultimate X, the same denomination.

The following happened:

Do you believe in casino karma

It wasn’t a hand-pay, but it was a significant result. The game dealt me three 3’s, a few multiplied, and an $800 payoff. My bankroll was now approaching $2000!

Was it karma from my tipping VP friend? Was it just the RNG being kind at that millisecond? It never matters at that point. I was ecstatic – in my usual subdued way. But it sure made me think. Karma, chance, luck, or mathematical probability? This whole thing is freaky. Should I believe in casino karma?

I gave my wife the $100 since I was doing alright. But unfortunately, Bert’s bankroll went down quickly.

The magic continued. She finished the night on that $100, playing slots for an hour and a half.


The point of this true story is nothing in gambling is a sure thing. However, I still believe that the best gambler is a prepared gambler. Knowing the best strategy for the games, you plan to play is essential for getting the best results, playing longer, and boosting your ADT while waiting for the most profitable play.

So, maybe there IS something about luck, and karma. How do you feel about it? Or is it that treating each other with kindness in the casino comes back around in a positive way? Wait a minute, isn’t that karma?

As for me, I don’t believe it. I say, “Embrace the math, not the myth.”

Now, I’ve got to go. First, I need to find the shirt I wore last night. Then, maybe I shouldn’t wash it – you know – my lucky karma shirt.