5 Reasons Why Craps Players Have the Most Fun

Ever play slots next to the craps tables?  How distracting…..all that noise…..and camaraderie……and fun…….and, hmmmmmm?  It’s because Craps Players Have the Most Fun. It sounds like a band of warriors – the underdogs beating the champs, the Davids trying to bring down Goliath. Whatever the result,  the banter, the laughter, the “high 5’s” and the joy of making that long roll supersedes all losing.  Here are 5 Reasons Why Craps Players Have The Most Fun.

Fun at craps

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5 Reasons Why Craps Players Have The Most Fun

1) It’s About Beating the House TOGETHER!

The friends you bring or the kind you make, are encouraged to be vocally involved. Screaming for each other, supporting the shooter. Even the most sociable dealers seem to get into the fun, (or they should!) It’s encouragement personified – throw that point, hit that Fire Bet!

The Craps table can be a very confusing place to the beginner, but it always sounds like the players have the most fun.

2) It’s About Tolerance.  

Yes, there are those nay-sayers that believe in the anti-point. They are the dark side, the “Don’t-Pass” bettors. But, if they behave, even they are allowed to revel in the excitement!

3) It’s About the “Stick Man”

A craps stickman is the casino staff member who calls out the dice rolls and then returns the dice to the shooter. He’s like the MC of the craps table. It’s like having your own color commentator.  

Wouldn’t that be cool to have behind you while playing video poker? (VP commentator “……it’s a four to a Royal deal…he hits the draw button and… oh, the three of hearts. no Royal, side out”   (……hmmm, maybe not…..)

Stickman to the left, boxman in the center, dealer to the right makes for a well-oiled machine.

Keeping It Simple If You Must

4) It’s About Playing at Different Levels of Proficiency.

For a game that looks so complicated – it’s really isn’t. Asking for advice at other table games usually results in grunts and grumbling from players and dealers alike. However, your new friends are usually more than happy to help you. If you’re new, go with a buddy who does play craps.  “Pass line” – that’s all a craps newbie needs to know to join the fun.  All that other stuff on the table? There’s plenty of time to learn about that.  K-I-S! (Keep It Simple)

5) It’s about throwing the dice

It’s your turn, and now you control the fate of the table.  As Star Trek’s Spock once said, “With great power comes great responsibility.” But don’t let that added pressure bother you. On no other table game do you have the control – YOU’RE THE ONE TO THROW THE DICE!  If you seven out, no problem – everybody else has been there!

Shooting the dice everyone gets the chance.

The roulette dealer never lets me turn the little ball in the wheel. Also, Blackjack dealers don’t even let me touch the cards, never mind deal!  (Yes, I know you hold the cards in single deck BJ, but try finding that game.) You can make money just by riding along with a good shooter. And making money = fun!

COVID Modifications

Visiting any casino to play your favorite games can be disappointing if you want it the way it was.

Necessity is the mother of invention”

English Proverb

So consider thinking out of the plexiglass. Scream through your mask. Give virtual “high 5’s” against the plexiglass. Enjoy the extra space. And curse as much as you want under that mask – besides, who will know it was you?

5 Reasons Why Craps Players Have The Most Fun

Craps Resources

Want to practice or learn on your computer or smartphone? There are programs and apps galore.  Here are some places to start:

Best Craps Books

  1. “Craps: Take the Money and Run” by Henry Tamburin &
  2. “Craps Made Simple” by Tomas B. Gallagher
  3. Winning Casino Craps” by Edwin Silberstang 
  4. So You Want to Be a Gambler” by John Patrick 

Rollin’, rollin’, rollin’…….keep those dice a-rollin……..

And remember, Craps Players Have the Most Fun.