Getting More Casino Comps

One thing that we all enjoy getting is getting more casino comps.  I always wonder if my mailman thinks I have a problem when he sees the mailers I get from New England Casinos, Atlantic City Casinos & Las Vegas casinos.

Free stuff means casinos want your patronage.  It’s not because they REALLY like you and just want to show you they care.  There is a price to getting more casino comps and free offers mailers from casinos.

The reality is that casinos want you to spend two things in their facility – money and time.  And, logically, they feel the more time you spend, the more money you’ll spend. So here is some  advice about getting more casino comps.

1)  You will get a better casino rating if you go to the casino less frequently, but when you do, play longer.

2)  Instead of a bankroll of $100 for three visits, try $300 for one long visit.  Remember, money and time.

3)  Once upon a time, a gambler friend of mine (we’ll call him BB) went to the casino, played his free slot play usually on a $1 JOB video poker machine, cashed out after the correct number plays ($10 free slot dollars, $1 per hand) and left, usually with most of his free slot play.  Casinos don’t like this.  If you follow this practice, you may end up with most of your slot play in your pocket and walking out a winner in the beginning, but your slot play will decrease in time, or discontinue altogether.

4)  Read the fine print.  If you are given free Dining Promotional Dollars, be sure the casino isn’t expecting you to stay and play.  Many dining promotions expect you to stay and say so “in the fine print.”  If you don’t stay a while, marketing may decrease your offers or cut them out.

5)  Free hotel offers come with a price – bigger that the $20 free slot play.  If you hope to have similar offers or better offers for hotel stays, expect to play more than usual.  A free stay, and no play, will probably mean a lower rate offer to stay next time instead of freebies.

6)  Finally, don’t gamble to get comps.  Gamble to entertain yourself, or give your self a chance to make a few bucks, or just for fun within your financial means.  The formula casino marketing uses to give out these promotion is definitely skewed in their favor, and that’s to be expected by all of us who gamble at these establishments (or you’re REALLY, REALLY NAIVE).  Comps should be included when evaluating the house edge, but should never be the sole reason for gambling.

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