Connecticut’s Immediate Casino Problem = Location, Location, Location


Foxwoods Resort Casino

Could it be as simple as location?

Look, Mohegan Sun and Foxwoods are legitimate, classy resorts that people have enjoyed for years.  So much, that they took a huge bite out of Atlantic City’s revenue from New York and Pennsylvania, while cornering the New England market.  But times have changed.  Maybe it just comes down to location.

Eight casinos inside this radius by 2017 - not including Maine and NY Expansion!

Eight casinos inside this radius by 2017 – not including Maine and NY Expansion!

Massachusetts finally got it.  And having MGM and Wynn anchoring the casino train through the heart of New England were good choices.  Whether we see if both industry giants both have Massachusetts’s best concerns in mind as they say they do, is another part of the story.

So, Connecticut will show how desperate the state really is.  On April 15th, the legislature will consider a bill approving adding casinos – starting with a joint venture between the Mohegans and the Pequots, both of whom have money problems. This we know: Mohegan Sun is showing increased life financially and Foxwoods has never had problems borrowing money, just paying it off.  The only way to head off those Mass dollars at the pass is to it them off at the I-91 pass to Sprinimagegfield.  Wynn Everett will succeed in Boston no matter what.  Heck, even Revel could succeed in Boston – location, location, location.

What is one of the most successful casinos in the northeast?  Genting’s Resorts World.  Have you been there?  It’s a huge crappy, class II casino, not class III Vegas gaming you find in CT, that is outside one of the largest cities in the world. Do you see where I’m going with this? Why did Resorts World take a bite out of CT slot revenue? Not because it’s a wonderful resort, it’s all about location, location, location.

So, will additional casinos help?  No. Keno? Nada.  Massachusetts and Rhode Island have had that since I can remember. If it’s such a great revenue maker, why the need for casinos and hotels in both states?

The bottom line to keeping patrons gambling in CT is to make it a better opportunity, a better experience….so after they visit to other casinos, they continue to return back to CT. Ask some one what their favorite restaurant is and it’ll be based on service and quality – somewhere that made them feel special.

So, will April 15th’s decision in the CT legislature make any waves either way.  No.  The immediate problem is location – but the future battle will depend a on place like “Cheers” – a special place where you’re treated like family, where you have a better opportunity to win, where you have better offers that entice you back – where “everybody knows your name.”

But for now, it’s all about location.

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2 thoughts on “Connecticut’s Immediate Casino Problem = Location, Location, Location

  1. binbin415 says:

    Absolutely! I think both are equally important. And, Mohegan Sun does attract slightly more New York patrons than Foxwoods. If the legislature only looks at one outlet, such as Hartford, I agree they will short-sighted. I also believe that I-84 through Danbury is another outlet to consider – in the way of both Springfield and new upper state New York casinos. And yes, Eastern CT, RI, and SE Mass are going to be an interesting. The Wampanoags could make it two casinos in Region C. I think it will all affect each other due to the fact that there are very few new gamblers available in this market.
    Thank for your comment, Steven – great stuff.

  2. Steven Norton says:

    This article is right about the old idiom, location, location location. This is especially true for casino gaming, unless you invest a hundred $billion or more developing a must see attraction, like Las Vegas. But placing a second casino to serve the Hartford/ Springfield market doesn’t qualify. A much sounder location would be on the States Western border, next to Westchester County, New York. Here you have two major traffic arteries, I-95 and the Merritt Parkway, that is used by CT residents who commute to Manhattan. Eastern part of the State is close to both Tribal casinos as well as Twin Rivers in Providence, and a possible Southern MA casino, yet to be selected, but still vying for the major population in Eastern MA.
    Steven Norton

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