Connecticut Casino Expansion: Part 4 – SATURATION, IMPLICATIONS & THE FUTURE (oh my!)


Now, for the big finale.

The casinos of the future may not even resemble those of today.  In ten years, the slots will look completely different, online gambling will be threatening all brick-and-mortar casinos, and fuel prices will cause air and road travel to be an option of the past to travel to casinos on any regularity.  Let’s look at now and (cue sci-fi music) THE FUUUUUTTTTUUUURRREEEEEE (the future).


Yes, in three years most New England natives (except Vermonters) will live 40 minutes from a casino – or maybe more than one. Things change – SURPRISE  Firs it was AC, then CT took away some of their revenue, then Pennsylvania, then Delaware, then New York, then Maine, now Massachusetts and Upper New York State.  The pie keeps getting smaller.  Who will survive?  The casinos who are the closets and ALSO gives the best bet for the buck.    Local slot parlors will depend on location, location, location – the major casinos (MGM, WYNN, FOXWOODS, MOHEGAN SUN, TWIN RIVER) will depend on dining, entertainment, bigger rewards clubs, sporting events and high level service throughout their properties.

IN THE YEAR 2525 (In a reference to an old Zager & Evans song from 1969)

That’s the year where things in the east will be settled down – with states from Ohio to Maine reinventing themselves, some casinos closing and others getting bigger with either expansion or mergers.  Las Vegas did it, and Atlantic City didn’t.  In 2014, Downtown Las Vegas is Vibrant again, while the strip continues to make it’s revenue on much less gaming, and much more entertainment, dining, and clubs – we all know what’s happening in Atlantic City.

Once all casinos are in place in a few years, the real battle will ensue. Then, the casino patron’s money will be worth more than ever – and the power will be back in the consumer’s hands.  Until then, all we can do is sit back and watch.

That’s all for now.



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