Coach Kitty and My Gambling Confession

I’m writing a gambling confession today, but first a disclaimer.

While a make up a small part of the TravelZork team, this is not intended to be an advertisement.  I just need to share the help I’ve received over the last year from the many experts at this website.  Check it out because you deserve it – ‘nuff said.


Over the last twenty-five years, I have gone from a beginner who didn’t know basic JOB Video Poker Strategy (and played one quarter at a time) to someone who runs a gambling blog. The journey has been fun and the knowledge I’ve gained has been amazing. But there is one thing that I couldn’t admit – until recently.

I refused to follow the best way to receive casino comps. Even my local casinos provided good entertainment and hotel comps, but very little free slot play. I never understood, or refused to accept the real truth behind how casino comps work. ADT (Average Daily Theoretical) I knew, but I loved playing VP.  So, I played a small amount 2-6 times a month.

I always thought the casinos were shooting themselves in the foot with local clientele. “It should all add up to one gambling day, should it not?.” But I was wrong, sadly.

All along, I knew the truth.  Only recently, I realize I needed to change my sessions to larger but fewer.


I get it now.  It’s time to change.  I want you to, no, I implore you to go to TravelZork. The suggestions provided by Michael Tragar and Eric Rosenthal will change your gambling world positively for good. But, there is one person and one particular article by her that is one of the best explanations about the world of comps I have ever read.

It’s Casino Comps – The Big Play Casino Gambling Day, Part 1 by Coach Kitty.

Go ahead, click and read it, I’ll wait.  (elevator music plays) ………… ok, now let’s continue.

Catherine has become a self-made expert in working the system.  Her optimal approach to casino gambling and travel deals on a budget gives her the credibility behind her posts. Meeting her in person last year made me realize she knows what she writes about.  Kitty is also an expert Video Poker player, with basic strategies on many games in her back pocket.

Now, if you haven’t read that article yet, go read it!


If you care about improving you gambling success, taking advantage of casino comps, and learning how to maximize credit cards use and rewards clubs of all kinds, you must check out TravelZork.

Thank you Catherine.  Thank you Michael and Eric, and the rest of the team. I can’t wait for part 2.  Don’t leave us hanging, Coach Kitty!



2 thoughts on “Coach Kitty and My Gambling Confession

  1. baccaratguy says:

    This was such a surprise to find in my feed today. Great article BinBin. For sure, #CoachKitty is my “go to” person for Video Poker.

  2. baccarat_guy says:

    This is awesome. What a surprise when I saw this article in my feed. And yes, for sure, #CoachKitty is my “go to” person for Video Poker

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