Changing Your Gambling Plan

As New England’s casinos continue opening more and more, excitement might spill over into making poor gambling decisions. Subsequently, NETimeGambling pauses to reflect on responsible gaming as we end Problem Gambling Awareness Month. So here is Changing Your Gambling Plan at the Casino.

March is Problem Gambling Awareness Month (Image:

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Changing Your Gambling Plan at the Casino

Are you focused on your Gambling Plan when you visit the Casino? Do you even have a plan at all? You should.

Before you go to your favorite gambling hall, consider the following before you get there:

  1. If the Casino has multiple areas, floors, or casinos, plan where you will start.
  2. What game will you play first? Slots, tables?
  3. Now, before you leave, decide on your bankroll. This will help you plan the denomination of your play.
  4. Approximately how long will your session last? Your bankroll, game, denomination, house edge, and game variance will determine your expected play length. Or vice versa. Your bankroll will determine your denomination & game. Either way, remember your bankroll is planned discretionary funds for recreation – stick to it.

Once I recently read John Grochowski’s article “The Casino Slot Sybil.” According to the Urban Dictionary, “A Sybil, named after the famous psychiatric case of Shirley Mason who reportedly had 16 personalities, popularized by the book and movie “Sybil.” It means somebody who acts moody and irregularly. The article inspired me to wonder about my Plan when I go to the Casino. Do I stick to it, or does an impulsive side of me take over? Are there two personalities battling inside me when I enter a casino? Do I change my Gambling Plan?

Changing Your Gambling Plan at the Casino
Inside MGM Springfield

Being a “Gambling Sybil?”Changing Your Gambling Plan at the Casino.

John writes, “My casino play has a split personality. Multiple personalities, to be more accurate. When I’m playing for personal recreation, I want games that give me the best chance to win.”

Sometimes, a different casino personality emerges. It’s when fun and risk take over. But unfortunately, there are times that they both show up.

Are You a True Gambler or a Risk Taker?

A true gambler plays using the best strategy, odds, and overall advantage, much different from being a risk-taker. I play Video Poker, and I try to find the best paytables where ever I play. Even though my Plan is calculated for the best odds or way to approach a promotion, my “Sybil-side” appears. Then I will play an old Cleopatra II slot machine for hours. It’s like your dog is distracted by a squirrel.

Changing Your Gambling Plan at the Casino.

It’s an interesting two-face approach for many of us. Do you go through this scenario in your head as I do?

Even table game players have these moments. Concerning side bets, most professionals advise not to play them, or if you must, play them consistently. But many times, I will bet side bets intermittently, losing when I do or missing out when I don’t. Finally, the fun and risk get me to disband my Plan.

“Today, I only play the best video poker paytables, 3/2 Blackjack (single deck, of course),  and $5 3-reel slots.” So then, like that previously mentioned dog, I tell myself, “Oh, look, the newest Wizard of Oz Progressive!” (as I run over to the slot’s last seat!)

Changing Your Gambling Plan at the Casino
Sometimes the risk pays off! So have fun, but keep to your bankroll.

Playing Into The Casino’s Trap

Aha! They got you. Every time you change your Plan towards fun and risk, you play right into the Casino’s hands. Fun and risk can cost you money – more than with a gambling plan that you stick to. It’s no different than impulse buying that magazine as you wait in line to pay for your groceries.

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Fun is an essential part of life. The Casino is fun to visit with friends, family, or just by yourself. Many of us go to the Casino knowing full well that we don’t know how long it will last, but I’ll enjoy it no matter what. If that’s your Plan, stick to it; enjoy yourself but stick to your bankroll. There is nothing wrong with recreational gambling just for the excitement of gambling. Just be aware that there might be a personality inside you that might show up playing irresponsibly. Know when the fun ends.

Made Plan, Change Of Plan Examples

Stepping into a casino can make a person fickle – okay, it makes ME fickle. Here are a few personal examples. First, it was changing Your Gambling Plan at the Casino.

Made Plan – Play full pay 8/5 Bonus video poker at X Casino
Change of Plan – Play 7/5. Draw poker because the bar has a great beer menu.

Made Plan – I’ll stop by the Casino, have a nice meal on my $20 voucher, and go home!
Change of Plan – I’ll just put $20 more in this slot on my way out! Okay, maybe I need more than $20. Where’s the ATM in this place?

Made Plan – I’ll take a break after two hours of strategic play and make a good choice for lunch.
Change of Plan – I play 4 hours straight and settle for three Krispy Kreme Donuts on my way out!


Changing Your Gambling Plan at the Casino.

Gambling can be exhilarating. In short, gambling is fun. Or, it can be relaxing, social, or act as a personal getaway. But make a plan before you go. Then, stick to it and your bankroll. Let’s keep recreational gambling, well, recreational!