The Monday Link – “The Gamblers Ten Commandments”

Every Monday – The Monday Link

I love the Wizard of Odds website. If you are a gambler of any game, experience, or status, you should have this site bookmarked. It is my number one resource for:

  • Game odds, strategies & calculations
  • General Gambling info – definitions, money management, etiquette and FAQ’s
  • Playing simulations for free and learning correct strategies

About The Wizard of Odds himself – Michael Shackleford

This site was born on June 19, 1997. At first it was titled Mike’s Gambling Page. It was a good time to start a web site about gambling, as there were few good ones at the time. With plenty of shelf space, the site quickly became popular and took on a life of its own.  The Wizard of Odds is Michael Shackleford, a former professional actuary who has made a career of analyzing casino games.

He writes most of the content for this site, drawing on his training in mathematics and actuarial science. It started out as a hobby, then as it grew and became more popular he moved it to its own domain and had it professionally designed. Michael writes, “I’m proud to have built something that’s used by thousands of people every day and is known around the world for providing quality, authoritative information.”

Today’s “Monday Link”

Our link is not to be underestimated in its importance to all who gamble – whether professional or recreational.  Please heed the Wizard’s

The Ten Commandments of Gambling

You’ll be a better gambler, and a better person if you do!


7 Tips for Gambling Health and Safety

downloadIt’s Flu Season again. Germs are everywhere in the casino – on the felt, on the dice, on all the machine surfaces….I mean everywhere. But not only that, accidents happen, and people can get hurt.

So here are some tips, not only to keep you from getting sick from your visit to the casino, but also from physically getting hurt at the casino.

Smoke Free

1. If you have breathing problems, casinos are providing more and more smoke-free areas.  Both Plainridge Park and MGM Springfield are completely smoke-free. Twin River Casino, in Lincoln RI, has their entire 2nd floor smoke-free.  Tiverton Casino and both CT tribal casinos have non-smoking areas, and each have a non-smoking casino – Hall of the Lost Tribes at Mohegan Sun and Rainmaker Casino at Foxwoods.


2. WASH YOUR HANDS!!! as much as possible. Take hand sanitizer for those long plays, or hand sprays that will help clean your hands after playing at the tables and machines. Think of the following happening – coughing, sneezing, tapping and wiping machine glass… and then, you come along. Guess who’s going to commune with previous players DNA? So, WASH YOUR HANDS.

3. Be aware of others while walking around the casino. A casino is no exception to sudden injuries considering that with all the distractions, guests don’t look where they are going.plainridge-park-casino

4. When walking, stay off your cell phone. You might as well be in a maze blindfolded.

5. Be aware of maintenance staff around you trying to keep the casino clean and running. Vacuum cords, unleveled carpet, audio visual equipment, and carts of food, glass-ware and garbage that could run you over.images

6. Beware of non-rug surfaces – the combination of free drinks, wait staff, and players causes spills. Many accidents happen concerning high polished marble, mopping without warning, melting ice, slippery stairs, and escalators.

7. Many kids and adults are hurt every year when their parents don’t supervise their kids or leave them unattended. Please don’t put your kids in harm’s way – safety first.  Meanwhile, watch out for those little rascals – they know not what they’re doing.

And did I say WASH YOUR HANDS?!

Stay healthy out there!



The Monday Link: The Lawyer For Serious Gamblers – Bob Nersesian

Today’s Monday link highlights one the best lawyers for gamblers known today.  According to,Bob Nersesian has dedicated many years of his life to studying gambling related laws in order to bring justice to card counters who have been treated poorly by the casinos of Las Vegas. Although he often finds himself representing professional blackjack players, he has helped out other types of players as well.”

When it comes to being backed-off, or back-roomed, or arrested needlessly – even cases when bodily harm has occurred by security or police officials – Bob has been able to use the law to right the wrongs committed.  My first experience hearing him answer questions was on the podcast “Gamblers with an Edge” by Bob Dancer & Richard Munchkin, which I highly recommend. Richard Munchkin said, “Bob has certainly affected the lives of professional gamblers all across the United States. The way casinos have changed the way they treat us is directly attributable to Bob. We still have a long way to go, but Bob will be leading the charge.” – a food, travel and entertainment site – posted the following article in 2016 about Mr. Nersesian. Writer Michael Kaplan, a journalist based in Brooklyn, is a senior features writer at the New York Post. His work has also appeared in DetailsWired, Playboy, and The New York Times Magazine. He covers gambling for Cigar Aficionado, and is the author of four books. NY. Follow him @kaplanwords.

It’s a long, but an extremely interesting article.  I hope you enjoy this week’s Monday Link


Also, Bob Nersesian’s book The Law for Gamblers: A Legal Guide to the Casino Environment provides anyone who sets foot in a casino easy access to understanding their rights. Additionally, the collection of case law and statutory points of view within is unparalleled in the rapidly expanding area of gaming law. It’s a must for any serious gambler.