Casinos Must Look To The Past To Survive.

The effects of the pandemic closing hundreds of casinos are not going away soon enough. Some changes may be here to stay. In New England, as in Las Vegas, casinos aren’t seeing the expected increase in visitation. Revenue at Massachusetts and Connecticut casinos have decreased, as the rest are barely holding steady. That’s why Casinos Must Look To The Past To Survive.

Casinos Must Look To The Past To Survive.
Benny Binion knew how to take care of his gamblers at Binion’s Casino, Downtown.

Casinos Must Look To The Past To Survive After COVID

Yes, a safe casino environment is essential these days. But that priority won’t bring guests back. Besides, those protocols may remind casino guests about the same troubles outside the casino? Your patrons need more. Your previous guests need better service, staff relationships, the feeling of appreciation, and the expectation of winning and playing a long time will.

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Give Players Something to Make Visiting More Enticing

Years ago, Casino Owners knew that the key to keeping people coming back was personalized service. It was totally about Rewards Clubs, algorithms, points, and status levels. One property in Downtown Las Vegas opens today. It’s owners know what it means to invest in their guests. That property is Circa, and its owner is Derek Stevens.

Circa Opens This Week

Casinos Must Look To The Past To Survive.
Circa – Swim Pools Area, from the ground and from the sky

Today, Circa Resort & Casino opens, offering what Derek Stevens calls the world’s largest sports betting center. A six-pool rooftop swimming stadium he expects will attract thousands of people a day. According to AP, “It’s the first new property to open downtown since the Sundance in 1980. That became Fitzgerald’s, which Stevens and Circa co-owner, brother Greg Stevens, bought in 2011 and renamed D Las Vegas. The brothers also own the Golden Gate, which opened in 1906.”

The structure will be getting all the attention. But the foundation of Stevens’ success is built on guest appreciation and experience. Derek Stevens is bringing back old Las Vegas inside new vegas packaging.

He loves to mingle with high rollers and low rollers alike. He makes himself available daily at “His Chair” at the end of Long Bar at the “D” Casino Hotel. No doubt, he will bring this old school philosophy to Circa.

Technology Causes LazinessCasinos Must Look To The Past To Survive.

Yes, I said it. Technology makes it easy to make casino guests into numbers and data charts. Automating the process of comps and interaction has de-humanized the casino relationship. By going down the rabbit hole of technology, they have moved further away from customer service.

The invention of player tracking systems gives a very simplistic view of casino visitors. As a casino guest, your history decides the level of service the casino will give you, if anything at all. Whether they win or not, guests want to be treated well and feel like guests, not a number on a card.

Casinos Must Start Investing In The Customers Experience

Casinos changing how they operate must include the games they offer.

Casinos Must Look To The Past To Survive.
Triple Zero Wheel in Roulette
  • Enough with the triple zero roulette.
  • Get back to 3/2 Blackjack
  • Increase the hold percentage of slot machines instead of decreasing. Increase the payout instead.
  • Bring Back playable Video Poker
  • Side wagers and other proposition bets are fine, but what people really want is some time in.
  • Give them some time at a game and a drink or two and they will have gotten what they came in for, just a chance to forget about what March and April of 2020 dealt them. And if they just came in for a drink, consider yourself lucky they are there. Margins on the liquor should not be equal to the bar down the street.
  • If they win big, give em’ a meal; If they lost big, give ‘em a meal. The experience is completed when they are shown appreciation by the property and its employees, not how many points were accumulated.

Promotion Changes

Stop! I said Stop with these kiosk entry promotions that only favor high rollers. They also cause gamblers to stay longer for those entries, bringing problem gambling into play.

Stop! I said Stop punishing gamblers who stop in and play small. Isn’t iit a enough they visited and maybe spent some money? What if players could do this three times a week with out the punishment of a “non-gambling day.” Bean-counters, do the math.

Finally, Stop! with promotions that keep guests playing in the casino all day so that six hours later to can claim your “free” wooden spoon set.


If you want people to come back, stop treating your casino like it’s there to take their money. Give your guests a fair deal. Give your employees the ability to make customers into friends. And give them a reason to be in your casino and forget about the virus, the news, and social media.

In other words, Casinos Must Look To The Past To Survive.


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