10 Tips For Blackjack Beginners

Ever want to start playing blackjack but felt a little intimidated to start? Well, here’s 10 Tips For Blackjack Beginners to help you out

1) Learn the Basic Strategy

Become familiar with basic strategy practice at home with free apps or programs to teach you certain situations.  You need to become familiar with the basic playing strategy for hitting, standing, doubling down, and pair splitting.  I recommend the Wizard’s Simple Strategy that you’ll find on the blackjack page on the Wizard of Odds website for novices. The strategy consists of 11 rules presented in a colored-coded table that makes it easy to remember. The link to the Wizard of Odds website is also in our sidebar.
An example of a higher strategy card.

2) Go to the casino with someone who knows what to do at the blackjack table, and visit at a less crowded time.

3) Stick to your basic strategy

No matter what “experts” at the table say.  Get comfortable with your strategy play, not what others say – and they will let their thoughts be known.  Be strong.  The playing decisions of other players on your table do not affect in the long run your odds of winning – or vice versa. Remember, Blackjack is not a team sport. Always use the basic playing strategy regardless of how other players play their hand, how much you bet, and whether you lost or won your previous sessions.

4) Scout the tables to find the most liberal playing rules.

Besides a 3-2 payoff for a blackjack, the best rules are dealer standing on all 17s (including soft 17), you can double down on any two cards, and doubling after pair splitting is allowed. (If surrender is offered, better yet – if you are aware of that strategy.)  Most casinos don’t offer surrender outside of Atlantic City (or what’s left in AC)

5) Don’t make the Insurance wager

No matter how much money you wagered on your hand. Insurance is a sucker bet.

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6) Check the dealer’s upcard

Before you decide what to do after the cards are dealt, check the dealer upcard. Is it bad (2 through 6) or good (7 through Ace)? “What the dealer has makes all the difference on what action the player should take, according to basic strategy.”

The Dealer’s up-card is the card you see on top of the card you don’t see. To the right is the first base, to the left is the third base.

7) Don’t sit in the first base seat.

Sit in the middle if you can to give you more time to review your hand and the dealer up card. Stay away from the third base or last seat.  Some players think your play changes the outcome of the game.  Mathematically, it doesn’t matter in the long run. The decisions of other players at the table won’t impact your hand. “You’re playing alone against the dealer,” says Frank Scoblete, author of many gambling resources. “They don’t know what you have and vice versa.”

8) Always give your Players Rewards Card to the dealer 


9) Have fun and bring only the bankroll you can enjoy spending. 


10) If the table isn’t fun – grumpy dealer, drunks, unhappy “know-it-alls” – then move!

That’s all for now.  I hope you have many successful splits, double downs, and dealer busts!