Casino Security ViewToday we offer this great article by Frank Scoblete, author and owner of Casino City Times.  It concerns Casino Visit Security Tips. Ask yourself the following question. “Do I feel safe in the casino?”  If not, this post should help. Being aware of your surroundings is key.


Security in the Casino

In the old days, casinos simply had “hired muscle” watch after the owners’ millions. These days, casino security folks are considered important members of a casino’s floor team. Because it’s a dynamic and demanding job, casino security has become a true career. Casinos offer competitive salaries and benefits so they can hire people who are mentally and physically fit for the job.

The responsibilities of security employees have a broad range of responsibilities.The camera surveillance room is considered a high level job. Security personnel in these rooms view banks of television screens to identify cheats and save casinos millions of dollars each year. In addition, security patrols the casino floors, is constantly on vigil for fights, thieves, drunks, and other disturbances. Surprisingly, security also keeps a close eye on the help — casino employees have initiated many cheating scams over the years.

Surveillance: The eye in the sky

On-site security personnel at a casino can only see so much when trying to protect the casino and its guests. To assist them in their daily rounds, security personnel rely on electronic surveillance — the eye in the sky.

One-way glass conceals thousands of digital cameras in any casino. Some are hidden where you least expect them. Others are prominent, large, and noticeable to serve as warnings. These sophisticated cameras can see not only a player’s face, but also the cards in his or her hands. They can even see the serial numbers on dollar bills!

A few brief tips

Casinos are places where lots of innocent, naive, and trusting people with disposable income gather. The predators of society are very away of that. They can spot those “easy” hits easily. Thieves are on the prowl for ways to separate you or even the casinos from hard-earned cash.

  • Tuck your wallet in a safe, hard-to-access spot, such as your front pocket.
  • If you carry a purse, take a small one that you can wear close to your body.  Under a jacket or wrap is even better
  • Guard your chips or slot payout tickets; these work the same as money, so treat them accordingly.
  • Be cautious about the overly friendly people you meet. Maintain tight control of your personal information. Get your drinks straight from the cocktail servers
  • Keep your big wins to yourself so you don’t become a target.


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