Casino, Hotel & Airline Chain Partnerships and How to Benefit From Them


Eric Rosenthal is my friend.  But that is not the reason he is featured in this week’s Monday Link.

Eric Rosenthal is a writer, podcaster, gambling and travel enthusiast. By combining his knowledge of travel and casino loyalty programs, he teaches people how to travel and maximize value for their gambling dollar. Eric is one of the featured speakers at the Casino and Travel Loyalty Conference ZorkFest, where he shares his passion for what he calls Comp Harvesting. He has directed me to the best way to use Total Rewards (Caesars Entertainment rewards club) and MLife (MGM’s rewards club.) If there is a best way to look at using, earning, or transferring reward club points, he’s the man to ask.

Today’s link will help you look beyond the use of one club in the usual way.  There are lots of ways to use club cards and co-branded credit cards for the maximum benefit.  You may like to check out Eric’s archives at 

Eric Rosenthal knows Caesars Total Rewards inside and out.

So, here our Monday Link for today

Chain Partnerships and How to Benefit from Them

One final plug for the Casino and Travel Loyalty Conference  known as ZorkFest. If you attend the next ZorkFest, you will never look at rewards comps and points the same way again. Four things you should be doing:

  1. Following the website TravelZork.  It is an unbelievable resource combining travel and gambling, put together by Michael Trager.
  2. Following Michael Trager’s Casino Podcast and Travel Podcast – GOT 9 minutes?– A daily chat about casinos, luxury travel, Las Vegas, and gambling with a focus on experiences. #PaxEx (Passenger Experience) and #CasinoEx (Casino Experience) are major areas of conversation and exploration. Get your daily dose. #ZorkCast powered by TravelZork.
  3. Following the Podcast that includes Eric Rosenthal called Las Vegas Confessions.  It’s very informative and entertaining – but be careful, the language can be explicit.  Just fast forward past the introduction.
  4. Finally, follow TravelZork for information on the next ZorkFest. Plan to attend, you won’t regret it.



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