Casino Freebies – How to Get More

Casino Freebies are always a fun part of the gambling experience. Comps, as in “complementaries,” is something we all like to see in our mailbox. Want more? Then, here are Casino Freebies – How to Get More

Keep Those Casino Mailers Coming In

I always wonder if my mailman thinks I have a gambling problem, as he delivers my many casino mailers from all over the country. If he asked, I’d have to say, “It’s all research, of course.”

Let’s face it; free stuff means casinos are trying to get or keep your patronage. It’s not because they REALLY like you and want to show you how much they care. Although, in reality, it should.

Casino Freebies - Considerations For Your Next Casino Visit

Casino Freebies – How to Get More

There is a price for casino freebies. Casinos want you to spend two things on their property – money and time

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Casino management software tracks slot players and video poker players directly through their rewards cards. So, the data in which the casino staff sees show your worth to the casino. Discretionary comps are freebies given away by casino management without the data. While a part of the casino business before 2000, they are long gone from the casino landscape.

Of course, without inserting your card, you won’t get anything. So use your Rewards Club Card for the vast majority of machine play. Table players have to deal with a more subjective rating system but still need your rewards card.

The Death of Discretionary Comps

Discretionary comps started disappearing quickly [in 2008], even for high rollers.  Unless you were a whale, your host had no choice but to tell you to use your points for whatever freebies you wanted.  Then “maybe” he/she could get you something extra if you kept playing and lost a lot of money.  The accountants, who knew nothing about the mindset of gamblers, had already started taking over casino policy – and comps were in the crosshairs. Finally, the Great Recession pulled the trigger.

Jean Scott, The Queen of Comps

The days of discretionary comps have passed us by. It doesn’t hurt to ask for a meal or room – but don’t expect it.

Consider The Big Play Strategy

You will get a better casino rating if you go to the casino less frequently, but when you do, play longer.  So, Instead of a bankroll of $100 for three visits, try $300 for one long visit.  Remember, money and time are what casino management is looking at.

Coach Kitty, Casino Freebies - Considerations For Your Next Casino Visit

TravelZork Video Poker expert Coach Kitty has a great series for thought and application concerning the best way to bring the factors of money and time in your favor. Check out the links below:

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Avoid the “Non-Gambling Day”A True Story…..

Once upon a time, a gambler (who will remain nameless) visited the local casinos often. These short visits were only to play his free slot play. I (I mean he) would play it out on a $1 Full-Pay JOB video poker machine, count the number of hands needed, and cash out. He usually left with most of his free slot play or more.

Casinos don’t like this.  If you follow this practice, you may end up with most of your casino freebies diminishing quickly. Casinos consider these days “non-gambling days” by casinos. Stopping by to swipe for entries to some kiosk game or picking up your free bedsheets and leaving is also considered “non-gambling days.” Don’t burn the “comps bridge” – it’s difficult to rebuild them.

For example, if you are given free Hotel rooms, Dining, or Promotional Slot play, the casino might expect you to stay and play.  Many promotions expect you to stay and say so, “in the fine print.”  If you don’t stay awhile, marketing will decrease your offers or cut them out.

Free Hotel Offers Come With a Cost. If you hope to continue similar hotel offers or get better offers, expect to gamble more than usual.  A free stay, and no play, will probably mean a lower-rated offer or none in the future.

Social Casino Offers

Casino Freebies - Considerations For Your Next Casino Visit

Every casino in New England has a social casino available on their website and an app in the app store. You can play free slot machines, scratch and win lottery tickets, blackjack, and even poker through your Facebook account and social casino sites.

Many freebies, such as comp rooms to free slot play, can be earned at social casinos. Examples include “MyVegas,” for MGM Properties, and

To better understand online social casinos besides those connected to New England casinos, enjoy an article from called A Guide to Social Casino Gaming in 2021.

Finally, Don’t Chase Comps

Gamble to entertain yourself or give yourself a chance to make a few bucks. If you’re not an advantage player, play within your financial means. 

Casino marketing uses a formula to decide your worth. As a result, promotions are skewed in the casino’s favor.  When evaluating the house edge, include your comps. But freebies should never be the sole reason for gambling.

That’s all for now.  Remember, embrace the math not the myth!

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