Staying Healthy While visiting the Casino

Smoking Etiquette

First of all, Let’s talk first about Non – Smoking etiquette.
To the non-smokers in the audience – smoking and gambling, as well as drinking, have been part of the history of gambling for hundreds of years. (Quick Book Plug – “Roll the Bones” reviewed March, ’13) If you sit down next to a smoker, in a smoking area, don’t complain! They were there first. And especially let it go if they are using an ashtray and trying to be considerate.

Now, Smoker’s etiquette
To the smokers in the audience – times have changed! We are aware of the health risks of second hand smoke. It’s reality. Smoking is a big issue of concern when it comes to playing slot machines and is always subject to the casino etiquette and policies.

  • Please follow signage requesting non smoking areas and tables.  There are casinos that allow smoking in specific areas while other casinos totally prohibit smoking at the slot machines.
  • If you are smoking while playing slots, blow the cigarette smoke away from other slot players. Your smoking might annoy other people. (You think!), never mind be a health hazard. And if you sit down next to a non-smoker, remember they were there first. Be considerate how you smoke, even though smoking is permitted in that area.
  • If you’re smoking while playing video poker or the slots, use an ashtray. If there’s not one at the machine, ask an attendant to bring one to you. Do not use the coin well to drop your ashes or butts. Players who follow you have a right to reach in for their coins without getting your ashes all over their hands.
  • Be considerate of the wait staff, and especially staff behind the cashier cages. NEVER smoke while cashing in or taking out money. The people behind the cage might as well be working at a toll booth.
  • When you exhale do not do so in the face of other players, dealer, or casino staff.  When you are done with your cigarette please fully put it out, not letting it emit smoke from the ash tray. I respect your right to smoke, even at my table, but try to make it as painless for me as possible.

Casino Health
Sudden injuries & long term health concerns can happen anywhere. A casino is no exception.

Now, I’m not talking about the old days in Vegas where if you were caught cheating, you might be taken to a secret room and have your knuckles smashed (if that ever happened). I referring to emergencies in our day that can occur at any casino. Consider this:

  • Remember, people in a casino rush around, bring their kids, and basically don’t look where they are going. Be aware of things and especially people around you such as vacuum cords, unleveled carpet, audio visual equipment, parking bumpers, poorly lighted parking garages, poorly lit stairs, etc.
  • Beware of non-rug surfaces – the combination of free drinks, wait staff, and unaware humans causes spills. Many accidents happen concerning high polished marble, mopping without warning, melting ice, slippery stairs, defectively designed stairs, and escalators.
  • Many kids are hurt every year when their parents don’t watch their kids or leave them unattended. Please don’t put your kids in harm’s way where they don’t belong.
  • Assault & Battery attacks are typical in any highly populated places – especially at night. Be careful in parking garages and remember, anytime you win big, the casino will always be happy to escort to your car.
  • If you or someone you are with have health issues, find out where first aid services are. contact your host if you have any information or questions. If you don’t have a host, just ask a security guard or floor manager.

Finally – believe it or not –  WASH YOUR HANDS!!!  as much as possible.  Take Purell, or hand sprays that will help clean your hand of the tables and machines others with tons of germs have touched before you.  You will help protect yourself and others.  Think of the following which you have seen so often – coughing, sneezing, tapping and wiping machine glass, then, you come along.  So, WASH YOUR HANDS – OFTEN!

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