Five Suggestions to my Fellow Gamblers

The Bow & Arrow Bar @ Mohegan Sun

Yesterday I visited Mohegan Sun.  I sat at the Bow & Arrow bar playing Video Poker and watching the Connecticut Sun play a mid-day game against the Atlanta Dream (spoiler alert – they lost again).  During the time I played VP at the bar, I was amazed at the conversations I overheard.  And believe me, some people speak so loud, it’s not eaves-dropping – I’d have to have earplugs, and even then I probably could hear them.

So, I have some observations for you, some suggestions, and some information to share. So hear goes…..

  1. If you don’t know how to operate a slot machine, DON”T PLAY IT! – What I mean, is, if you look at the screen and have no clue how to find the games, or how much they cost, or what denomination your playing, or even where to put your money in, DON”T PLAY!  If you already know the house always wins, then go to the casino a little prepared.  I’m not ranting – I actually felt badly for the people to my left.  Their confusion and ignorance for the games probably gave them no chance except blind luck.  It really diminishes the fun when you don’t know what your doing, and almost a sure drain on your bankroll.
  2. I find it interesting when people hold class with casino newbies.  To my right, there was some guy – telling three women the ins & outs of craps.  i overheard him give advice, beginning with  “this is what you do…” and ” “remember that….”     Then, out of the corner of my ear, I hear, “Yeah, well, I haven’t actually played craps, but I’ve been reading about it!”   This IS NOT the person you want advice from.  Good that he was studying, but when you hear about lack of experience, turn and RUN.  confused
  3. Most people who work in the casino, especially service industry specialists and libation technicians who take care of you at the machines and bars, don’t know a lot or have the correct knowledge about the slots or video poker you might be playing.  Why should they?  Their expertise is serving you and what they serve you.  So, don’t be surprised if they are confused by your uninformed questions.  Let them do there job (especially at busy times).  Some are very knowledgeable, but most aren’t.  Don’t be surprised at their responses.
  4. If you play slots/video poker and only play once a month or less, choose your times to visit that give you the best advantage.  Multiplier point days and other promotion can help decrease the dreaded “house edge.”  Double points days,. for example, help make up for the high house advantage – at least a little bit.  Remember, video poker usually earns about half the points that slots do, but have a lower EV (Expected Value).  In other words, video poker has a higher % payout than slots.  2x points
  5. If you’re playing slots, (and at this point, I was at a at a group of three in a triangle), don’t ask other people to watch your machine – especially if you keep your card & MONEY in it.  One lady kept asking me to watch her machine – 6 times! – to tell her sister when she got a bonus.  Her sister was 5 banks of machines away!  Please, if you need a break, ask an attendant to watch your machine.  But, don’t presume another person’s time is less important than yours, even if all they are doing is hitting a button.  Call, text or chain your friend or family member to your hip if it’s that important.slots 2

That’s all for now.


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