Casino Etiquette for Groups and Families with Children

The crowds are back. With those crowds come families with children and groups of friends that can get in the way of your casino visit. But, just by walking around the perimeter, you can take your life into your hands on a busy night. “Casino Etiquette for Groups and Families with Children” is about changing that.

The Group Intrusion

Casino Etiquette for Groups
Remember, there are others around you looking for a good time, too!

While many enjoy visiting a casino alone, many enjoy bringing family, friends, and large groups. It is, after all, a place to share a meal, have a drink, enjoy each other’s company, and gamble together. Many times, this all happens at the same time – why not? Adding stadium gaming, more table games, and entertainment venues makes it easier for group fun. The atmosphere of lights, sounds, and excitement is great for stag & bridal showers, birthday parties, etc. But when socializing gets in the way of other patrons’ gambling, that’s a problem for everyone. Don’t let your fun intrude upon others. Respect personal space, even though it’s crowded.

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Casino Etiquette for Groups and Families with Children

The casino floor is not a proper place for kids. Granted, many casino resorts are considered family vacation destinations as resorts or great places for parties. But families need to know the areas made for children.

Besides family dining, a few of the appropriate amenities for children at New England’s casinos include:

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Problems escalate when children are allowed to play in outlying areas, running and crawling on floors. They must also be tended to at ALL TIMES. Guests do not want to deal with your children. Your kids are probably as over-stimulated with the casino ambiance as much as you – probably more! Keep them safe, keep them close, and keep them out of the main traffic areas.

The Flow of Casino Traffic

Don’t obstruct the traffic flow inside the casino. Stopping in the middle of the traffic flow for your family of eight is not suitable for anyone’s safety. Likewise, if you are pushing a stroller in a casino, you should never push the stroller on the carpet near any of the games. Some casinos will ask you to leave if you do not follow this primarily unwritten rule. And keep to the right on these walkways.

Casino Etiquette for Groups
Hey there, Slow Down!

Speaking of “vehicles” in the casino, scooters are becoming a safety hazard. If you are driving your scooter in the casino, please watch your speed. I propose rental scooters have a limited speed. Speeding scooters that go twice the speed of a human’s regular walk are dangerous for guests. Having been hit by one going “over the speed limit,” I ask those using them to consider the pedestrians around them. Maybe speed limit signs would help? How about Speed bumps?

The Encore Conundrum

When Encore Boston Harbor opened in Everett, Massachusetts, an interesting traffic flow situation occurred, whether planned or not. The traffic flow prevented children from accessing some casino areas with their parents. Parents couldn’t get their children to join them in the buffet. It also produced the first “adult-only” Dunkin’ Donuts in the world due to the same traffic flow problem. Was it planned that way? We may never know.

Courtesy of Encore Boston Harbor.
Courtesy of Encore Boston Harbor.


Have a good time, but remember – you’re not alone! Respect those around you. Appropriate casino behavior means keeping your partying contained to your group. Finally, when showing newbies to the casino, find less populated areas to hover over slots. Yelling for other patrons to talk and give each other advice is rude.

The bottom line, be aware that others are around you. Enjoy yourselves, and don’t force others to be part of your social event.

Casino Etiquette for Groups and Families with Children. Something to consider for everyone’s fun and safety.


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