Casino Cleaning and Distancing Innovations

Companies all over the world are creating new ways to clean casinos quickly and more efficiently. Today we investigate Casino Cleaning and Distancing Innovations

Safeplay UV Gaming Partitions – Casino Cleaning and Distancing Innovations.

Casino Cleaning and Distancing Innovations.

Smith Rosen Gaming Partitions has begun manufacturing and distributing scratch resistant slot machine partitions.

Jamie Klingler is vice-president of product development at Smith Rosen. He said “Plastic dividers inadvertently create a catch basin for every single thing that flies out of people’s mouths. And, they require a small army to maintain.”

Smith Rosen’s not only enforce social distancing, but actually clean themselves. The application of concentrated UVC light on the partition surface cleans with human interaction.

WinStar & Jani-King Work Together On Disinfecting Processes

WinStar World Casino and Resort is considered the largest casino in the country. With a 369,370-square-foot gaming floor, the resort includes the three-tower WinStar World Casino Hotel. Along with more than 20 dining options, cleaning is a big production.

WinStar World is Massive, too!
WinStar World is Massive, too!

During the temporary closure on March 16, WinStar Casino brought in Jani-King International. A complete cleaning and disinfecting of the entire property was scheduled.


Casino Cleaning and Distancing Innovations.

Jani-King’s disinfecting teams used the latest technology to clean the mega-casino using electrostatic sprayers. This application method is highly effective. Through the electrostatic spraying application process, large areas can be covered quickly.

How does it work? The disinfectant becomes positively charged when released from the electrostatic sprayer. Thus, it attaches itself to all sides of an object or surface. This process leads to effective disinfection of high-frequency touch points. Additionally, it disinfects in less time than manually spraying and wiping down the facility.

Acres 4.0 Launches Casino Cleaning and Distancing Innovations.

Casino Cleaning and Distancing Innovations.

Acres 4.0 has unveiled Clean Machine and Smart Space. Clean Machine automatically detects when customers finish each play session and instantly dispatches an employee to clean the gaming machine.

Smart Space allows casinos to operate slot floors without removing gaming machines or chairs. When play begins at a gaming machine, adjacent machines, within a casino-defined social distance, are instantly disabled. When play ends, the surrounding machines are automatically enabled and the just-played machine is disabled until it is appropriately cleaned.

Scientific Gaming – Social Distancing Module

The Social Distancing Module provides three distinct features for operators:

  • Dynamic Distancing facilitates social distancing amongst slot players, disabling all games within close proximity once a player cards in.
  • EGM Scheduler allows operators to quickly upload a list of games that should remain enabled on the casino floor and even allows them to do so remotely through the use of a Control EGM feature.
  • Resort Reserve and Game Reserve allow players to reserve their favorite game during their visit allowing them to customize their experience to their preferences all while staying safe.

TransAct Technologies Launches Epicentral Clean2Play

Casino Cleaning and Distancing Innovations.


This casino product provides real-time printed proof that a slot machine has been cleaned, sanitized, and is ready for play. Casino Cleaning and Distancing Innovations like Epicentral Clean2Play builds on Acres 4.0’s Clean Machine product, (see above). Once sanitization is complete, the gaming machine prints a Clean2Play certification ticket. Slot players then look for machines with the Clean2Play ticket in order to begin their play.


While most of these are ready for implementation, some seem to employ the same amount of staff.  A few have many parts and steps to the process. I wonder if the cost of installation may be too risky at a time when COVID-19 is still such a concern.

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