Can 9/6 JOB Strategy Work on Other Games?

Learning Jacks or Better (JOB) perfect strategy is the best way to start playing video poker. But, the days of quickly finding 9/6 video poker that returns 100+ percent are over. You can still find some full-pay 9/6 Jacks or Better paytables, but for low-rolling $.25 players, they are tough to find. So, the question is, Can 9/6 JOB Strategy Work on Other Games?

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Some Clarification

First, let’s get on some common ground with the video poker terminology.

Can 9/6 JOB Strategy Work on Other Games?
Poor VP Payouts in many MGM properties. Jacks or better at 7/5.
  • “9/6” means 9-for-1 paid for a full house and 6-for-1 paid for a flush.
  • “return” refers to the Payout percentage in the long-term – the average of thousands of hands, not a single session.
  • “EV” is the pro term for “return,” it’s the measure of what a player can expect to win or lose on each bet placed on the same odds time and time again.
  • “Perfect Strategy” – In video poker, you make choices. This means you have control of the outcome, unlike slots. If you make the correct choices you can lower the percentage that the casino takes. The correct choices, or perfect strategy are not necessarily obvious, and sometimes counterintuitive. Mathematics determines the correct play for the best possible return.
  • “short-pay” – paytables that have been diminished by the casino that gives the a higher house edge. Good for casino, bad for player.
  • JOB – Jacks or Better
Can 9/6 JOB Strategy Work on Other Games?
Jacks or Better best paytable (called 9/6 because of the full house and flush payout). Notice the jump in payout from 4 to 5 coins.

Ch-ch-ch-changes In The Casino

Once upon a time (cue “pleasant fairyland” music), the land of casinos provided all the best payables. There was 9/6 JOB, 10/6 DDB, 9/6 DW, and more. The players rejoiced!

That fairytale is long gone. These days, the video poker player must negotiate around a forest full of short-pay video-poker games. 8/5 JOB video poker is now the most prevalent JOB VP paytable in casinos today. These days, you are more likely to come across “short-pay” versions of JOB such as 9/5 & 8/6 (not very often), 8/5, 7/5, and even 6/5.

So, Can 9/6 JOB Strategy Work on Other Games?

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Henry Tamburin, in his article Going Down The Wrong Road – Wrong Video Poker Strategy, compares and examines using perfect 9/6 strategy on other video poker games. So, what games can use a 9/6 perfect strategy without ruining the EV (expected value) in the long run? Here’s what he says, with additional comments from “Binbin:”

Using JOB on 8/5 Bonus Poker – The expected value of an 8/5 Bonus Poker game using the correct strategy is 99.17%. However, if you used the JOB strategy instead, the EV would be 99.16%, a decrease in EV of only 0.01%. So, using a 9/6 perfect strategy is perfectly acceptable.

Using JOB on 9/6 Bonus Deluxe – The EV for this game with the correct playing strategy is 99.64%. However, the EV drops by 0.03% to 99.61% using the JOB strategy instead. So, using a 9/6 perfect strategy here is acceptable for casual players and players who play the 9/6 Bonus Deluxe game infrequently – but not for the serious player.

Some Games Need Own Strategy

Using JOB on 10/7 Double Bonus – The playing strategy for 10/7 Double Bonus is more complex than JOB. The JOB strategy is acceptable for players who only play 10/7 Double Bonus games infrequently. Anyone planning to play this game more often should put in the time to learn the 10/7 Double Bonus playing strategy to achieve an EV over 100%. (Caution – the variance for 10/7 Double Bonus is much more significant than JOB; therefore, players need a bigger bankroll and be prepared for wider swings.)

Can 9/6 JOB Strategy Work on Other Games?
9/5 DDB is the most prevalent paytable at the quarter level these days.

Using JOB on Double Double Bonus – The EV for 10/6 Double Double Bonus Poker (DDB) is 100.07%. But unless you are playing a high limit denomination, you may only be lucky enough to play 9/6 DDB Poker at 98.98%. That paytable is also hard to find. The typical paytable for DDB in most casinos these days at the quarter level is 9/5 DDB. Henry Tamburin does not recommend using the JOB playing strategy on any Double Double Bonus games, and neither do I. You must learn the strategy specific to this game.

Are you using JOB on Deuces Wild – Seriously? This question is only to see if you’re paying attention. Deuces and Bonus games are different and need their specific strategy if you seriously want to stay in the game longer. If you don’t know DW needs its specific strategy, it’s time to move to slots and video keno.

Paytable Shorts

No, this does not refer to specialty clothing or underwear. It is about when changes in paytables. Does one number difference in the paytable matter?

Yes! It doesn’t take much to reduce the ordinarily low house edge video poker to nothing more than a slot machine in terms of return. For every one unit reduction in pay, the game’s return is lowered by about 1.1 percent. The EV of 9/6 JOB and 6/5 JOB respectively is 99.46% and barely over 95%.

Payout percent shows your long-term expectation meaning the average of your outcomes over thousands of hands, not a single session.

As you can see, it doesn’t take much to reduce the normally low house edge video poker to nothing more than a slot machine in terms of return. And this is with “expert” play with lots of practice to get these returns!


The more the player knows, the better he can make video poker games, paytables, and strategy choices. As always, recreational gambling does include one caveat – play what and how you’d like. But if you want to play longer and get a lower house edge, a simple perfect strategy for 9/6 Jacks or better is the way to go.

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So here is that simple perfect strategy. Good luck, and remember, “Embrace the Math, Not the Myth!”


A Simple Strategy for Jacks or Better, 9/6

Here is a basic playing strategy for full-pay Jacks or Better. Start at the top and see if that line describes your dealt hand to use the strategy. If there are multiple hands listed, move from left to right to locate your hand. Keep those cards. If not, continue moving across then down line-by-line until you find your hand. If you reach the bottom without finding your hand, don’t save anything; just redraw all five cards.


5-Card Royal 
5-Card Straight Flush
Four of a Kind 
4 of a Royal
Full House 
5-card Flush
Three of a Kind
5-Card Straight 
4 of an Open Straight Flush, 2345-9TJQ 
Two Pair 
4 of an Inside Straight Flush
High Pair JJ-AA
3 of a Royal
4 of a Flush
Unsuited TJQK
Low Pair 22-TTUnsuited 9TJQ, 89TJ

Suited QJ9, JT9
4 of an Open Straight, 2345-789T
Suited QJ8Suited KQ9, KJ9, QT9, JT8 or J98
Suited QJ
Unsuited AKQJ
Suited KQ, KJ, AK, AQ, or AJ
4 of an Inside Straight with 3 Hi Cards
Any 3-card Straight Flush except 2 Gaps, 0 Hi Cards
Unsuited KQJ, QJ
Suited JT
Unsuited KQ, KJ
Suited QT
Unsuited AK, AQ, or AJ
Suited KT
A Lone Jack, Queen, King, or Ace
Any 3-card Straight Flush. Just redraw all five cards.