Brian Christopher and Smoke-Free Casinos

Smoke-Free casinos are a hot topic these days. I know this post may seem controversial to those who enjoy smoking with their gambling. The push-back from those who favor smoke-free casinos has been more significant than initially thought. Here’s Brian Christopher and Smoke-Free Casinos.

A Very Touchy Subject

I get it. It’s part of a historic holy trinity – smoking, drinking, and gambling.

Smoking, drinking, and gambling.

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But the time is right for that trio to become a duo. After all, the industry’s most prominent companies and their bean-counters have been whittling away the “free drinks experience” for years. So could it soon be a solo act – just gambling?

A Brief Story

Two weeks ago, the NETimeGambling trio of Bin, Bert, And Miguel, CT Sun season ticket holders, traveled to Las Vegas. Our mission was to support the Sun as they played two games with the Las Vegas Aces at Michelob ULTRA Arena at Mandalay Bay. But, as Paul Harvey would say on his famous radio NPR show, here’s “the rest of the story.”

Mandalay Bay has a vast casino, not to mention its hotels (we stayed at the connected Delano), Arena, and Convention Center. After a few hours of play in the casino, I noticed that my mask (yes, we still wear a mask in casinos) and my clothes smelled smoke. After the pleasure of smokeless casinos in New England (except for one “tiny ocean state” that will remain nameless), I appreciated smokeless casinos even more.

Unrest in Northeast Casinos

Atlantic City

Brian Christopher and Smoke-Free Casinos
Summer on the Boardwalk Late ’90s

Last July, Atlantic City lifted the temporary smoking ban added during the pandemic. Three longtime Borgata dealers, Lamont White, Pete Naccarelli, and Nicole Vitola, formed the group Casino Employees Against Smoking’s Effects (CEASE) to advocate for a permanent ban on tobacco use indoors. CEASE now has 2,000 casino employees trying to close the legal loophole that allows smoking in certain parts of casinos.

A recent report claims that a smoking ban in Atlantic City’s casinos could decrease gambling revenue by nearly 11% and cost up to 2,500 jobs. But CEASE reports that the study, commissioned by the Casino Association of New Jersey, contains false assumptions. So are gaming companies prioritizing profits over the health of employees?

“Bottom line: They’re talking money over health; long-term effects of secondhand smoke are well-documented, and it costs lives.

Pete Naccarelli, AC dealer for 40 years, CEASE

Rhode Island

Casinos in the Ocean State have an exemption to the state’s law that bans workplace smoking. Twin River Casino employees are asking lawmakers to pass a bill prohibiting smoking and remove the exemption at both Bally’s Rhode Island casinos.

“Casino workers are Rhode Islanders, parents, caregivers, taxpayers, and human beings, and they deserve the same protections as everyone else in our state. We need to pass this bill to let them breathe safely like everyone else.”

“It is fundamentally wrong to say that no one should be exposed to secondhand smoke in the workplace, but carve out an exception that leaves one group of workers unprotected and bathed in smoke every day.”

Teresa Tanzi, Rhode Island Representitive

Brian Christopher Raises ConcernSmoke-Free Casinos

Brian Christopher, actor, YouTube casino influencer, and founder of BCSlots, announced that he would no longer frequent casinos that permit smoking indoors, beginning in 2022. This year, Brian Christopher is prioritizing smoke-free casinos, and in 2023 Christopher will “exclusively partner” with casinos that ban smoking. He is doing the same with his many events on cruise ships where the smoke can often be unbearable.

In a message to casino operators, Christopher said, “I am putting the health of myself and my employees first, and I hope that casinos choose to do the same for their employees and guests. As the gaming industry is now experiencing the biggest rebound and perhaps one of the most profitable years to date, I ask that you remember that our health is of the utmost importance while considering remaining permanently smoke-free and fulfilling that promise for generations to come.”

Christopher’s decision comes after he surveyed his followers and found an overwhelming preference for smoke-free casinos. It also comes as hundreds of casinos, primarily led by Tribal casinos, have adopted smoke-free policies.

Survey Results

Christopher’s survey of BCSlots fan club members found the following:

  • 78% say now is the time to make all casinos smokefree;
  • 88% of the smokers say they would patronize non-smoking casinos that offer an outdoor area with slot machines where smoking is allowed;
  • 94% of respondents believe second-hand smoke is harmful to health;
  • 94% of frequent gamblers prefer smokefree indoor air casinos, including 88% of those who smoke; and
  • Among higher income, frequent gamblers, a higher percentage are nonsmokers.

Casinos Are Private Properties

Some casino patrons want smoking bans to be decided by businesses, not public officials. Casinos are indeed private properties. One significant difference seems to be the number of employees needed to protect themselves from unhealthy conditions.

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“Smart operators will get in front of this reality and use a smoke-free venue as a marketing strategy that not only brings in new money, but protects their employees, customers and vendors,”

Randy Hayden, a Baton Rouge-based consultant for Americans for Nonsmokers’ Rights

More and more casinos nationwide are going smoke-free. At least 160 sovereign Tribal gaming venues have implemented 100% smoke-free policies during COVID-19, 23 states require commercial casinos to be smoke-free indoors, and nearly 1,100 gaming properties do not permit smoking indoors.

About Brian Christopher

Brian found fame on YouTube with his Slot Machine Gambling Channel, Brian Christopher Slots, where he uploads daily videos of his gambling adventures worldwide. As the leading Social Influencer for Slot Machines and Casinos in the World, he posts daily videos with lessons on how to play slot machines at casinos worldwide. Christopher has 433,000 YouTube subscribers and almost 495,000 Facebook followers.

Since junior high, Brian has always been involved in performing and directing theater. He went on to study Theatre Performance in Toronto, where he graduated from the Second City Conservatory program. After spending eight years in Toronto in the film and TV scene, he moved to Los Angeles to further his craft and, in 2015, found YouTube. The rest, as they say, is history.

His success has taken him to some ground-breaking spots of fame. Before his involvement with the Americans for Nonsmokers’ Rights (ANF), Christopher partnered with casinos in conducting slot demonstrations. As a result, the Plaza Hotel and Casino in downtown Las Vegas opened a slot machine area named for Christopher. According to a recent report, the Plaza will be adding a smoke-free area on the casino floor.

His latest venture is a partnership with Gaming Arts, a leading gaming manufacturer, to create Brian Christopher’s Pop’N Pays More™ game. The game will hit casino floors in July 2022.

Quickies About Brian Christopher

Brian Christopher and Smoke-Free Casinos

FYI – RUDIES is the name of his Fan Club. “Literally, in my first video, I used the word Rude to describe a disappointing result that started out looking like it was going to be good. It caught on quickly, and I became the RUDE guy. I certainly didn’t create the word Rude, but I became known for it!

PET PEEVE – Bangers N Smash. “These people just LOVE to smash the buttons on a game – especially when they get a ‘link’ bonus. Non-stop banging the button while at the same time rubbing the machine trying to alter the outcome of a predetermined computer screen and yelling at it.”

Slots have traditionally been associated with older age groups, so, Brian Christopher made playing slots acceptable for a much younger age group.”

Rev. Richard McGowan, professor at Boston College

​Summary – Brian Christopher and Smoke-Free Casinos

Smoking and gambling will continue to go hand in hand in many areas. But, incredibly, increased awareness of second-hand smoke in casinos is due to a terrible pandemic that was so costly in many other ways.

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