Recommended Gambling Books

“American Casino Guide” by Steve Bourie – I buy this book every year. Not only does it have articles about different games, statistics, and coverage of every state’s gambling offerings, but it comes with over $1000 worth of coupons. Using a few of these pays for the book each year, wherever you normally gamble, or with a trip to the top five gaming areas in the US.

“The Frugal Gambler” by Jean Scott – Learn the low-roller secrets for: Staying free at hotel-casinos, beating casino promotions, eating and drinking on the house, playing video poker for profit, getting bumped from airplanes and flying for free. And now THE FRUGAL GAMBLER is completely revised and updated. New information includes a completely revamped chapter on video poker, updated coverage of getting the most out of slot clubs, recent examples of exploitable gambling promotions, and a brand new Resources section, identifying the best sources of player information available from books to software to the Internet. It gives a great perspective on why using your rewards card for every casino is important all the time.

“Million Dollar Blackjack” by Ken Uston – Uston’s book has great descriptions of team BJ play. Extremely entertaining and was THE book to read for BJ teams years ago. A bit dated in spots, but not a bad place to start learning about card-counting and advantage play

“Video Poker-Optimum Play” by Dan Paymar – This was the first serious book I read to learn about Video Poker. I had finally realized the benefits of correct strategy, Foxwoods & Mohegan Sun had just been built and it changed my VP play forever. Some say it’s simply the best book ever written on Video Poker (and probably the only one you’ll ever need).

“Casino Gambling for Dummies” by Kevin Blackwood – Want a good overview of Casino Gambling? This book is a great place to start. Kevin Blackwood has used his considerable casino and casino games knowledge to create what’s more than just a beginner’s guide. Insider secrets and tips for maximising profits while minimising losses when playing all of the major casino games are just the basis of this comprehensive casino guide. In addition, Blackwood explains odds as well as detailing winning strategies, bad bets, how to manage your money and how to gamble online. A “How-To” book that you don’t have to read cover to cover!

“Bringing Down the House” by Ben Mezrich – The tale of how MIT students won millions of dollars in Las Vegas is sure to excite and inspire. This is fun reading and includes references to play at Foxwoods as well for a New England flavor.  Reads well, well enough for you to forget that it isn’t fiction.

“The Video Poker Answer Book” by John Grochowski – John Grochowski addresses common player concerns in his complete guide to video poker. This is a nuts and bolts book that answers questions that every VP player asks or wonders about. Perfect for players who want to understand the mechanics behind video poker, without becoming overwhelmed by facts and figures

“Zen and the Art of Casino Gaming” by Miron Stabinsky – This book discusses basic rules & strategies, as all gambling books do. But this differs in the way Miron covers the psycology of being successful – or at least enjoying gaming more by realizing what you actually DO control. This book teaches acceptance of gambling reality to help get the most enjoyment out of your play. It’s a little different, but I liked it.

Finally, any book about systems to beat slots is a good book – a good book for the author that is. There is NO SYSTEM to beat slots. DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY! If you consider buying any such book, drop it and run – run fast and run far!


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