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Show me a non-professional blackjack player in a team, and I’ll show you 100 players with opinions and myths concerning blackjack strategy that vary from slight variation of advantage play to the insanely ridiculous.  As I looked for authors and articles to base the following post, I was amazed at how many so-called blackjack experts could be so wrong.  I mean, if you’re going to write about Blackjack, check with the pros.

Before I continue, I want to refer to two web sites that you should check out.

1)  The first is “The Wizard of Odds” by Michael Shakleford. It is the most all-encompassing players website you’ll find.  Matter of fact, it’s very intense and includes many articles with the mathematical facts to prove what Michael, the Wizard himself, stands by.  He includes things such as:

  • Odds and strategies for all sorts of games,
  • Gaming strategy calculators so that you can choose the rules at your casino and get the best strategy specific for that game variation
  • Gambling Info, such as casino etiquette, money management, loss probabilities, and the ten commandment of gambling
  • Free games to practice on and
  • Online gaming topics

You can find the link in the right hand column of this website.

2) “Casino City Times” ( includes strategies from the “Gambling Gurus,”  Gaming News, and a week newsletter you can sign up for.  Informative and real life articles from people associated with the gaming industry – players with years of real life experienced that  give great perspective and truth in gambling strategies, including blackjack.

3) Finally, check out “Blackjack Forum,” a community to interact with others on blackjack questions.  You must register, but it inclydes a free game for practice, resources, blogs, and a news sign-up.

There are many great books out there, and many apps for your devices to practice that are available – another topic for another time.

If you haven’t checked out the links to the right, check out Las Vegas Advisor.  While it does cover mostly Vegas, it includes game strategy and for those paying members forums to blackjack and the east coast casinos to ask or answer any questions you or others may have.

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