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More in the news than ever.  It’s all about analytics these days.  In order to stay competitive in the the gaming & entertainment industry, casinos and their resorts have to watch the fluctuations and trends in their clientele and that of their competitors.  Expansion of gaming throughout the country, and especially in New England, will mean more BIG DATA looked at as Wynn Boston Harbor, MGM Springfield, Tiverton Hotel Casino, and the third CT Casino look to open.


It all has to do with keeping their players, their diners, and event-goers coming back. So, gaming centers are turning to data analytics to make the gaming experience better for customers while also keeping the casinos solvent.

Players Cards are one of the ways casinos keep track of your points and your play.


What does this have to do with Jean? Well, I subscribe to Jean Scott’s weekly newsletter Frugal Vegas for two reasons:

  1. I love hearing about Vegas
  2. The info  Jean covers is often applicable for any casino around the country.

You remember Jean, don’t you?  The Frugal Gambler – the Queen of Comps?  For related information on Jean Scott’s expertise and career in the gambling industry, click on the links below:

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Her recent newsletter pointed me in the direction of BIG DATA.  Some of our NETimeGambling followers on Twitter also shared some stories about the lack of comp points at New England’s casinos. Casino comps have gone new age, dependent upon algorithms that determine your comps through your players card.  The accumulation of points differs from casino to casino, slot machine to video poker machine, craps to baccarat.  And I haven’t found one casino that will tell you exactly how your points accumulate on every game, as in “how much play = how many points?”

Jean Scott


Jean Scott’s recent post listed the following import elements in a casino takes into consideration in determining your points.  The Frugal Gambler says,

“Although casino information systems vary widely in their capabilities, from the simple to the complex, the technology exists to take into consideration all of the following:

* specific machine played;

* how much the casino projects to win from the average player on that game

* your skill level in playing that game;

* what denomination you’re playing;

* how long you play the game,

* the frequency of your play;

* whether you have won or lost during one period of time;

* your long-term history of play at that casino


More time is needed by yours truly to investigate BIG DATA in the Casino Industry.  In the mean time I suggest three calls to action:

  1. Subscribe to Jean’s Newsletter (see links above),
  2. Try asking questions at your casino about earning points (both status & Comp dollars)
  3. Check out your casino data at vpFREE2 for comp information and point earning data.

Have a good session, and be aware of your play.  Remember, simply put:

Time played X money thru = comps





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