Being a Casino Host Has It’s Down Side


Eli Segall of the Las Vegas Sun wrote a great article. It is very entertaining and told from the perspective of an actual host, protected by anonymity. Being a casino host sounds like a job that should be fun and include a high level charm, decadence, and celebrity touch.  According to Mr. Segall, it seems more like being a high paid adult baby-sitter. Being a Casino Host Has It’s Down Side. Below are some of the characteristics of the clientele casino hosts “take care of:”

About High Rollers

The people hosts serve, such as High Rollers, tend to gamble more and more as they continue to lose. In my opinion, it’s due to the arrogance and denial of house advantage boxed together with a pretty bow with directions to GA. It’s too bad a hosts still have to take care of their gambling problem since their job depends on it.

Many of these whales also have a sense of entitlement unrivaled by a group of middle school students. Everyone  wants what they think is coming to them….and more!

Bad Tippers Acting Badly

The people hosts serve don’t tip very well. First of all, I understood that tipping a host was inappropriate from the casino’s point of view, but I stand corrected. Cash, as well as gifts, are acceptable. Some have actually asked for their cash tip back, due to bullet #1 – wow!

The people hosts serve act badly, many times violently, towards dealers, pit bosses, security and yes, hosts. Usually hosts get told by their clients bad manners by the phone instead of in person, and then the host has to make it all better. It’s like baby-sitting, but with adults.


After reading the article, I can say glamour is not the reason to be a host. It’s hard work to deal with unruly, entitled adults. I have so much more respect and understanding for hosts.Maybe we all should try realizing the host you randomly contact may have other people he/she is taking care of – probably a whale behaving badly.

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