BEGINNER’S CASINO TIPS for the newbie, your casino maiden voyage – no matter how you want to phrase it.  These posts are inspired with the beginner in mind.  In the first place, there are many little things you need to know.  In addition, you need to plan and investigate a little before you arrive. So, help yourself to browse through the following BEGINNER’S CASINO TIPS.

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— 16 Casino Do’s and Don’ts For the New Recreational Gambler

— 6 Crucial Habits for Slot & Video Poker Players

— 7 Beginner’s Tips for Pai Gow Poker

— Beginner’s Guide to the The Casino Poker Room

— Casino Players Club Cards – The Truth to Correct the Myths

— Craps for the Low-Roller Beginner

— Keno 101

— Racebook Betting – A Primer

— Texas Hold’em Table Game – A Beginner’s Look

— The Facts About Video Blackjack vs Traditional Blackjack

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So you’ve decided to make your first casino trip and you feel a little uneasy? we’ve all been there and done that.

The first time at a casino can be quite overwhelming. Glitz and glamor, hundreds of different types of flashy games from slots to table games begging you for your first play.Dealing with the crowds of people, noise, and multitude of distractions in the bells and whistles in the casino seem to have no end.

As someone who wants to play you may feel excited, but possibly a little disheartened if you don’t know where to start.  Casinos have evolved into some of the world’s premiere entertainment locations, and guarantee a whole range of activities for players from complete beginners to the most experienced professionals to enjoy. Subsequently, finding yourself in the casino newbie category is something we’ve all been through. Just keep in mind that you’re there to have fun!