Basic Casino Etiquette and Bad Behavior

Basic Casino Etiquette and Bad BehaviorI have high expectations when it comes to human beings’ behavior in a public place. A casino is a public room and etiquette is the customary code of polite behavior  among members of a particular group. This post reflects upon Basic Casino Etiquette and Bad Behavior.

Besides being a venue for playing games and winning some money, the casino is also a venue for interacting with other people. Remember, the casino staff caters only to everyone’s pleasure, not just yours. So, follow a few simple rules of etiquette so we all can enjoy our casino visits. But most important is to be kind, polite and show respect to those players around you.

Playing casino games is a form of social activity. Any form of social activity requires some courtesy. So, here are some general rules governing casino etiquette that you should live by while playing in the casino:

Basic Casino Etiquette

1) Don’t Use Cheating Devices: Gambling is meant to be fun and entertaining. While everyone wants to win big, try not to be dishonest in your attempts to cash in. Stick to your strategies and expertise rather than cheating.

Basic Casino Etiquette and Bad Behavior
Territorial – “I am playing all these Machines!”

2) Casino etiquette expects that your fun would stay within your own group. Yes, we know that winning that first jackpot bonus of $23.35 is amazing, but you are not the only ones trying to have a good time. Screaming profanity just because you’re at a casino doesn’t make many friends and impresses very few. Other people are there to have fun as well, and I am sure that you would not want to be distracted by them. Have the same consideration for them.

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3) General good manners requires you to be courteous not only to fellow players, but to casino attendants, employees and dealers as well  – It is extremely rude and tactless to show disrespect to the very people who have tried to assist in fulfilling your enjoyment.  A new podcast called Two Morons Tacking About Casino and Stuff provides the staff perspective. Don’t let the profanity hinder your listening to Spike and T-Bag, dealers & pit staff on the Vegas Strip. It’s an entertaining podcast and often explains the things that players do that is plain bad behavior.

More Basic Etiquette in the Casino

4) Understand the rules before you sit down, no matter if its slots, VP, or table games.
If you are unfamiliar with a certain game, observe quietly until you can figure it out or play one
that you are familiar with. Try visiting the Wizard of Odds to learn and practice a variety of games.

5) Always respect the queue line in all places that require a line, such as money cages, slot machines, table games and other stations. And never do anything that would obstruct the traffic flow inside of the casino. If you want to take a look at something, or take a picture, try to make sure that you are off to the side and out of the main aisles. BIG PET PEEVE – observe pass lines.  If you don’t have the rewards card to match the pass line, go to the regular line.

6) Smoking Etiquette – Remember to read and follow the signs. Both smokers and non-smokers should respect the signs pertaining to smoking areas. Basic Casino Etiquette

7) Refrain from giving unsolicited advice and commenting on other patron’s play Resist the urge to give unsolicited advice. (Blackjack players are particularly bad about this.) Whatever the  game, players have the right to make their own decisions, play their own way and make their own fun. Their money, their game!

Players and Bad Behavior

People With Huge Egos – Those players who think they are more important. When they feel they are being mistreated, you might hear them say “Do you know who I am?” Unless you are a whale, don’t be that guy.  Matter of fact, if you ARE a whale, don’t be that guy.

People Who Rush Up On Others. These are the people that are walking on your heels. You might be making your way through the casino, searching for the next slot, table game or video poker machine to make you a millionaire. But while you’re looking for that magical machine, you have the equivalence of the driver that is one foot behind you on the road, trying to push you forward.  These people are usually seen in the cashier lines.

People Who Sit And Observe Someone Else. This is the person who plops down next to someone at a slot (or video poker) machine, but doesn’t actually play it. How many times have you seen a fun looking machine, initially thinking to yourself that it was currently being played, but upon closer inspection realized the person was a ploppy! If you’re going to sit down at a machine, you’d better play it! Especially when the casino is crowded!

More Basic Etiquette and Bad Behavior Examples

People Who Stop and Watch you play because they have nothing better to do.  And it’s usually right behind you.  I have turned around and given the evil eye many times to this kind of patron.  Funny though, until you stop playing, they just don’t move.

Players Who Have No Sense Of Awareness. OH MY GOD, THESE PEOPLE ARE THE WORST!!! Have you ever tried to walk through a casino, only to have people walk right in front of you, stop walking right in front of you, or otherwise act like they are the only person in the casino?   Once, someone stopped dead in their tracks – right in front of me – to check out the casino floor carpeting. How about when you’re trying to walk through the casino and you have to bob and weave through people because they’re clogging the walkways like a piece of human cholesterol!  When you want to gaze about the casino floor or stop right where you are for some reason, quickly glance around before you decide to set up camp.

Players Who Beat Up The Machine. STOP HITTING THE MACHINE – WHAT DID IT DO TO YOU?  This I see more often with slot players than I do video poker players, but there are still incredibly brutal VP slappers.Go home and get a punching bag, or maybe some counseling!

Players Who Complain About Other’s Good Luck. Bad losers.  If you weren’t suppose to eventually lose, the casinos would be out of business.  If you frequent a casino, and you can’t take losing your money, go shopping. You’ll have something for your money after you spend it.  Ever experienced this – You sit down at a slot machine and put my money in, hit the bet button and win something trivial like $1. The guy next to you says something about “Of course the minute I leave the machine, you sits down and hit something – it’ll probably get hot, now.  I should never hang around a machine I just got up from.” Really? Not only rude, but stupid – people still don’t know how a RNG works?

Basic Etiquette and Bad Behavior is prevalent throughout the casino.  Let’s not add to the nonsense. That’s all for now.



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