MGM Springfield is No Match for CT Tribal Casinos – The Monday Link



I’m going to share a recent link today from staff writer David Collins of the New London Day. This editorial brings up interesting points concerning MGM Springfield’s success as a “resort” and how the tribal casinos in Connecticut could have an advantage if the Bridgeport casino  actually came to fruition. His opinions are always thought-provoking, whether you agree or not. Let’s see if you agree or disagree with Mr. Collins view of the casino battle in southeastern Connecticut.

MGM Springfield is no match for Mohegan Sun, Foxwoods


What Makes a Good Poker Room?

Twin River Casino Poker Room

Poker Room at Twin River Casino, Lincoln, RI.

I’m not much of a poker player.  I love home games, dealer’s choice, low limit games – just as long as the most I can lose would be equal to the cost of a McDonald’s Happy Meal. It’s the casino poker room that we write about today.

Five New England casinos have poker rooms. By the end of 2019, Encore Boston Harbor will be added to the mix. . For information about games, tournament, and general info, check out the following links:

Hollywood Poker Room, Bangor ME

Twin River Poker Room, Lincoln RI

Mohegan Sun Poker Room, Uncasville CT

Foxwoods Poker Room, Mashentucket CT

MGM Springfield Poker Room

“What makes a good poker room?” It seems it takes a lot of little things and big things combined.  Poker player preferences are as different as the casinos themselves.

I found that a consensus on what makes a good poker room was not easily found.  A few basics did pop up often enough to be considered in the decision: the room’s rules should be clear, the dealers should be pleasant ,and the surroundings should be comfortable. The staff should be on the look out for cheating and collusion.

That being said, without a lot of experience, I checked out poker forums and asked the question “what makes a good poker room?” To quote Paul Harvey, “here’s the rest of the story.”

Concerning the Rake:

First of all, the “rake” is the scaled commission fee taken by a card room operating a poker game. It is generally 2.5 to 10 percent of the pot in each poker hand, up to a predetermined maximum amount.  Obviously, most players prefer a lower rake %.  Low rake is sometimes switched with time charge, especially in the early mornings. Some players actually had decisive limits – 5 percent rake and a $3 maximum per hand, 10 percent with a $4 maximum is the highest that should be charged.

Second, a “Bad Beat Jackpot” is also not preferred. What is a “bad beat jackpot”? It’s  when a poker room pays out an amount of money if a very good hand (usually Quad Eights or better) ends up losing to another hand. This “bad beat jackpot” is usually divvied up between all of the players at the table who participated in the hand that was played. In most circumstances, the loser of the hand will receive 50% of the bad beat jackpot, the winner of the hand will receive 25% and the remaining players will split the remaining 25%.  The “bad beat jackpot” accrues over time and grows based on how much rake the poker room is collecting.  The low rake combined with fewer BBJ’s are preferred.

Concerning Comfort:

Mohegan Sun Poker Room, soon to be moved to the Earth Casino

Most players like what everyone in a casino prefers – a comfortable place to play. One player said, “The poker room exists to generate rake and the best way to generate rake is to provide an atmosphere that people enjoy. If I ran a poker room, I wouldn’t be in the “Poker” business, I would be “hosting a party and a party atmosphere” (business)…..Make the poker room fun. Hire/train competent staff because it makes the room more fun and increases your drop.”

But to most, quiet is most conducive to a comfy atmosphere. The room should be clean, good-looking, and well-lit, with nice chairs and cushions, and bathrooms. MGM Springfield is said to have most comfortable chairs in New England’s poker rooms. Many players admitted they prefer a poker room with space, especially at and between the tables.

When it comes to smoking, most players seem to be changing towards a non-smoking poker room. One forum member said “I’ve  played in rooms where smoking is allowed and it’s horrible. Can’t get away from it. Your clothes smell terrible afterwards. A smoker in a no-smoking room can always take a walk to indulge but a non-smoker basically doesn’t enjoy their time playing (especially when Mr. Chimney sits down right next to you).”

Foxwoods Poker Room – Still Best in New England??

Comfort can be a product of the way management enforces good etiquette and nice behavior so that everybody feels comfortable – which brings us to our next consideration, the Management of the Room.

Concerning the Management of a Poker Room:

The first part of what management controls is getting to the table.  almost unanimous was the preference for “…quick to get from waiting list to seated at a table…”

Foxwoods Resort Casino. Waiting for a game.

Every room needs someone on duty 24/7 who knows all the games who knows all the correct rulings, and is accessible to the dealers and the players. Great managers, or “floor-men,” are guys who know when to intervene and guys who know when to let the players handle their own situations.

The sign-up desk should be warm and friendly instead of ignoring its patrons, standing there politely waiting. “Greeting people poorly is a very common problem in poker rooms,” said one response. “If you aren’t a people person, don’t work the sign-up desk. Floor people should also have some people skills instead of having an assertive, officer-like attitude. A friendly person who approaches situations professionally and makes informed decisions will please more people in the long term. Correctness is most important but you can make correct decisions and still be pleasant.”  Which brings us to part four.

The Poker Room Staff

Good dealers are a must, good floor people as well and other support staff like cashiers, chip runners, wait staff etc. Everybody agrees you should have great dealers. But some people think a great dealer tells jokes and gives his sports picks, while others think a great dealer never says a word except what has to be said to call the game. Being a good dealer is not that easy – just think back to your sessions. It must be hard being a dealer for years. Dealing with lots of rude customers really much take its toll. Maintaining a smile night after night of people accusing you of giving them bad cards, etc. has to be emotionally draining.

poker dealer

Here are “good dealer traits” that were mentioned mostly:

  • Most of the dealers have been here at least 4+ years.
  • Good dealers deal a decently paced game
  • Don’t talk too much
  • Know the game left and right
  • Very courteous especially to the losing players.
  • Provide a consistent experience as other dealers (which suggests better training by management)
  • Treats 1-2 (limit) players like 10-20 (limit) players. (i.e., treating all players like they’re important)

Wait staff should represent the positive aspect of the service industry. Visiting players and people on vacation expect polite and fast cocktail service.

Concerning the Games:

Poker Room at Hollywood Casino in Bangor, Maine

Poker Room at Hollywood Casino in Bangor, Maine

A lot of tables with a wide mix of games, including stud, seems to be best – games for high rollers, games for low-rollers (one player called them ‘degens‘ as in degenerates, but that’s kinda harsh!), games for hobbyists and games for the low limit players to introduce them to poker, let them learn on and move up in stakes. Good games seems to be the most imports factor, and yet the house has little control. Players who make good games tend to flock to the best run rooms. So, the clientele ultimately plays the most important part of good games. What a revelation!!!

lower considerations and THE FINAL CONCLUSION

Service with a smile.

Can you believe that being treated well was more important in my findings than free food, drinks, and comps? Promotions, and all the amenities were important, but not if the place was a mess, run poorly, and made the players uncomfortable with the game.

So, my conclusion is this:

  1. Management must care and cater for its players
  2. This will attract the best clientele, raising the interest and packing it’s poker room.
  3. If the poker room is packed, then the rake will be small, with tournaments and a variety of games.

Heard this before?  Sure, SERVICE COUNTS. It’s the same old thing we have been saying for years, as we see casinos change to a business first model instead of the service / hospitality model we were used to in years past.  It’s the same for any part of the casino, not just the poker room. Happy players means repeat business of the best kind. Treat players fairly, make them feel like valued customers, and they’ll come back for more.  Simple……….too bad it’s more often a thing of the past….and that’s the rest of the story!



March Promotions & Events

Photo by Magdalena Smolnicka on Unsplash

March is still full of new promotions, exciting events and fabulous entertainment. 



Experience Caesars Palace Giveaway. WIN ONE OF 20 TRIPS TO LAS VEGAS. Earn Points Daily | March 8 – April 10.Simply play your favorite slots or table games with your Foxwoods Rewards Card. Receive one (1) entry for every two (2) points you earn. Activate Entries | April 11 • 6AM – 7PM by visiting any self-service kiosk from 6AM – 7PM to activate your entries into the drawing. Grand Prize Drawing | April 11 • 8PM 20 Lucky Winners will receive a Las Vegas Getaway.

$10,000 Slot Tournament – March 19 & 26 • 2PM – 6PM

St. Patrick’s Day Bingo – SATURDAY, MARCH 16. $17,777 Regular Games • 2 $77,777 Mini-Super Jackpots • $177,777 Guaranteed Super Jackpot Coverall.  $250 Admission includes free next day admission for Sunday, March 17.

Foxwoods Poker Classic – March 8 – 25 • $1,200,000 GUARANTEED

Shamrock Spin to Win – FIVE WINNERS EVERY HOUR • WIN UP TO $1,000. Sunday, March 17     2:00 PM – 8:00 PM. Every hour, the Prize Patrol will select 5 guests in the Hot Seat.

National Puppy Day Hot Seat – Saturday, March 23 • 12:00 PM – 8:00 PM. WINNER CHOSEN EVERY 30 MINUTES , WIN UP to $10,000. Every 30 minutes, the Prize Patrol will select 1 lucky $1,000 winner!

Classic Rock Hot Seat – Friday, March 29 • 12:00 PM – 8:00 PM. WINNER EVERY HOUR • WIN $1,000 & SHOW TICKETS. Every hour, the Prize Patrol will select 1 lucky winner who receive $1,000 cash AND two (2) tickets to see Rock of Ages. Guests playing to the left and/or right of the winner will also win tickets to Rock of Ages.

$25,000 March Money Madness – Friday, March 22 • 6AM – 8PM. WIN UP TO $10,000 CASH. Earn Entries • 6AM – 7PM

Ghostbusters Slot Promotion. March 28 • 4PM – 6PM • Great Cedar Casino. With $15 Bonus Slot Play, play 5 spins on the Ghostbusters Slot Game at the max bet and the winnings go right in your pocket.

Classic Rock Weekend – March 29 – 30.  To Qualify:March 28 & 29, Simply play your favorite Slots, Table Games, Bingo, Keno, Race Book, and Poker with your Foxwoods Rewards Card. For every two (1) Points earned, receive one entry into the drawing. Activate your entries at any self service kiosk on March 30 between 6am – 7pm.  Drawing • 8pm. One Grand Prize winner will take home an Autographed Electric Guitar.  Prizes include VIP Trip to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, Tickets to Rock of Ages at Foxwoods, and $1,000 Gift Cards to Hard Rock Cafe!

ONGOING PROMOTIONS –  SPECIAL MILITARY OFFERS & DISCOUNTS, Monday High Hand Poker Frenzy, Young & Fun Days, 55+ Offers

HOLLYWOOD Casino, Hotel & Raceway, BANGOR ME



5 Trucks. 5 DaysMarch 1 – March 30, Earn 5X or 50X bonus entries All March long, earn 5x drawing entries from 6:00a.m. Monday to 5:59a.m. Friday with the exception of March 12 & 19. EVERY Saturday, you’ll earn 50x drawing entries. At 6:00p.m. we begin drawing winners to receive up to $1,000 in FREEPLAY or promo chips. At 10:00p.m. five lucky finalist will be selected and one of them will win the GRAND PRIZE – a brand new 2019 Ford F-150 XL!

Mystery Point Multiplier – Wednesdays in March. Swipe at kiosk to activate your bonus point multiplier, up to 5X.

Tier Credit Multiplier – Mondays in March. Swipe at kiosk to activate Tier Credit Multiplier for entire day.  Sapphire=2X, Pearl=3X, Gold=4X & Platinum / Noir=5X

$10,000 Slot Tournament – Tuesday, March 26th from 2:00pm to 8:00PM.

Pot O’ Gold Drawings – Friday, March 15th. One winner will be called every 20 minutes beginning at noon for a chance to spin the Super Prize Wheel.


MOHEGAN SUN Resort Casino, Uncasville CT

Gimme Some Sugar Giveaway – February 1st – March 31st. Swipe your Momentum card once a day at any promotional kiosk and you could sweeten your luck with Momentum Dollars or up to $1,000 in Free Slot Play. Triple your chances of winning each day. Play your favorite games to earn extra swipes. Earn 10 Momentum Dollars to get a second swipe! Earn another 10 Momentum Dollars and get a third swipe!

MOHEGAN SUN’S SLAM DUNK GIVEAWAY Daily, Monday, March 18th until Thursday, March 21st. select the basketball team you think will win the 2019 Men’s College Basketball Tournament. If your team wins the championship game, you could win $10,000 CASH!

TRIPLE STATUS POINTS DAYS – Two Days still remain – March 16th & March 29th


OXFORD CASINO & Hotel, Oxford ME

The Great 250K Giveaway – Earn entries 10X faster on SUNDAYS – Every 50 Tier points will earn you an extra entry!

Thursday Dinner Buffet – Earn 500 tier points between 5:00am and 7:00pm to get a FREE Thursday Dinner buffet

ONGOING PROMOTIONS2018 Birthday Bash,  Fat Stacks of Cash, SATURDAYSuper 6SUNDAY16X Multiplier  TUESDAY – 15X Multiplier,  WEDNESDAY15X Multiplier & Seniors Day,  THURSDAY – Missile Madness, Every Thursday.  3:00pm – 8:00pm &– Free Lunch Buffet (100 pts earned)FRIDAY –  Mega High 5 , Prime Rib BuffetWeekend Breakfast Buffets

Plainridge Park Casino & Raceway, Plainville MA

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Tiverton Casino & Hotel, Tiverton, RI

$150,000 Luck of the Irish Sweepstakes EARN: Sunday, February 24, 2019 – Sunday, March 31, 2019, WIN: Fridays, Saturdays & Sundays in March from 2PM – 8PM

Spin 2 Win 3D – Mondays & Thursdays in March, from 10AM to 10:00PM. Play on your slot machine for a chance to win free slot play.

Pirates Gold – Fridays & Wednesdays in March from 10AM to 10:00PM.  Unlock a treasure chest, earn points for free slot play.

Prospector’s Plunge – Tuesdays in March. Tournament at your favorite slot machine. Free slot play prizes for 1st through 100th place – 1st place gets $500 in slot play.


Most recently opened, Twin River’s second betting location, the Sportsbook Bar & Grill!  Featuring a large, dedicated sports betting venue with over 100 TVs, odds boards, comfortable seating areas, and a full bar and dining menu with all of your game time favorites!  Presented by the Rhode Island Lottery, powered by William Hill and hosted by Twin River and Tiverton Casinos.

Click here to view house rules. Visit for more details!


Pajama Party Brunch BRUNCH, LIQUID SUNDAY STYLE – Centrale Fox Tower, Foxwoods   . 11:00 AM – 4:00 PM • Every first Sunday until April 7. Throw on your cutest/sexiest PJ’s and party at Centrale Fox Tower with drinks and a DJ. $20 General Admission – Includes choice of Mimosa or Bellini toast at noon.  $45 VIP – Includes access to the brunch buffet and choice of Champagne, Mimosa, or Bellini toast.


March 17thShamrocked Pub Crawl (starting at 1:00) Foxwoods, Property wide

March 23 – 3rd New England Craft Beer, Wine & Food Festival, 2:00pm, at Twin River Event Center

March 23, 24 – 3rd Annual CT GamerConn, Sky Convention Center And Uncas Ballroom, Mohegan Sun

March 26 –  9th Annual Heavenly Gingers Charity Event, 6:30pm at Twin River Event Center

March 26 – WWE Smackdown , 7:30pm, at Mohegan Sun Arena

March 28 thru 31 – Disney on Ice at MassMutual, MGM Springfield

March 31 – BLACK WOLVES VS. Rochester NLL Lacrosse at Mohegan Sun Arena, 1:00PM

April 4 – Sun Whiskey Union, 8-11pm at Earth Ballroom, Mohegan Sun

April 6 – BLACK WOLVES VS. San Diego NLL Lacrosse at Mohegan Sun Arena, 7:00PM

April 7, The Original Wedding Expo, 11:00am at Twin River Event Center


March 14, 15 – Kelly Clarkson at Mohegan Sun Arena, 7:00PM

March 14, 15, 16 – Greg Fitzsimmons at Roar Comedy Club, MGM Springfield Armory

March 15 – Masters of the Mic Volume 2 at the Grand Theater, Foxwoods, 8:00PM

March 15 – Sabrina Carpenter at the Fox Theater, Foxwoods, 8:00PM

March 16 – Weezer • Pixies at the Grand Theater, Foxwoods, 8:00PM

March 16 – Claudia Oshry Soffer; An Evening With Girl With No Job at the Fox Theater, Foxwoods, 8:00PM

March 21,22,23 – Samuel Comroe at Roar Comedy Club, MGM Springfield Armory

March 21, 22 – Blake Shelton at Mohegan Sun Arena, 7:00PM

March 22 – Taylor Dane at Wolf Den, Mohegan Sun Arena, 8:00PM

March 22, 23, 24 – Reversible (contemporary circus troupe) at the Fox Theater, Foxwoods

March 23 – KISS at Mohegan Sun Arena, 7:30PM

March 23 – WAR at Wolf Den, Mohegan Sun Arena, 8:00PM

March 29 –  Kool & The Gang, 8:00pm at Twin River Event Center

March 29 – John Fogerty: My 50 Year Trip at the Grand Theater, Foxwoods, 8:00PM

March 29, 30 – Rachel Feinstein at Roar Comedy Club, MGM Springfield Armory

March 30 – Ultrasonic Rock Orchestra at the Fox Theater, Foxwoods, 8:00PM

March 30 – Ariana Grande at Mohegan Sun Arena, 8:00PM

March 30 – Joan Jett & The Blackhearts and Eddie Money at the Grand Theater, Foxwoods, 8:00PM

April 5 – 2Cellos at Mohegan Sun Arena, 8:00PM

April 7 – Bad Bunny at Mohegan Sun Arena, 8:00PM


  • The Wolf Den, Mohegan Sun – Located in the center of the action, in Casino of the Earth, offers full beverage service, a state-of-the-art sound system, intimate seating and top performances by headliners. For complete schedule, click HERE.
  • Hollywood Bangor now offers two venues for live weekend music – 99 Hops House & the Sound Stage.  Click Here for schedule.  Summer Concert Series at the Darling Waterfront Pavillion is walking distance from Bangor Hollywood Casino
  • Tiverton offers duos almost every weekend.  Click HERE for schedule.
  • Twin River Casino Lighthouse Loungeright in the middle of the downstairs casino.  Shipyard Pub – Upstairs in Non-smoking.
  • Tiverton CasinoCenter Bar
  • Plainridge Park Casino – the Revolution Lounge offers entertainment on the weekends
  • MGM Springfield – Commonwealth Bar & Lounge
  • Foxwoods – Atrium Lounge – Live bands on the weekend, specialty cocktails and great time.

Visiting New England’s Casinos?

New England

Curious about casino expansion in our region? Then there’s only one place to go – visit us at NETimeGambling! For specific casino details, visit the websites of all seven casinos:  ConnecticutFoxwoods Resort/Casino & Mohegan Sun Resort/Casino; Rhode Island – Tiverton Casino Hotel (opening September 1st 2018) & Twin River Hotel/Casino; Massachusetts – Plainridge Park Casino & Raceway, MGM Springfield & Encore Boston Harbor  (opening Fall 2019); Maine –  Oxford Casino & Hollywood Bangor Hotel, Casino & Raceway.