An MGM Springfield Trip Report

We have been trying to visit New England’s casinos reasonably after their reopening. It was MGM Springfield’s turn. Here is An MGM Springfield Trip Report.

Early Arrival At MGM Springfield

An MGM Springfield Trip Report
So peaceful. MGM Springfield just before dawn.

I left the shoreline at about 5:30 a.m. to get to Springfield early. Arriving just before 7:00, I was the second to park on the Platinum level—another good sign. I love the casino in the morning.

I was visiting this time for four reasons – play my Freeplay, gamble using the Tuesday Mystery Multiplier, get my lobster roll at half price, and look around for changes on the floor.

All Quiet on the Western Casino Front

MGM Springfield is the westernmost casino in New England but only 90 minutes from the Connecticut shoreline. Did I mention I love casinos in the morning? Empty parking garage, an empty elevator, and an empty casino. I mean, there was more staff than patrons on the floor. But then again, what would you expect on a Tuesday at 7:00 a.m.?

First Thing To Do – Swipe at the Players Club Kiosk

I thought the place was spotless, walking straight to the kiosk. At MGM Springfield, all promotions in your account must be accessed through these kiosks. Without activation of daily promotions, they are not in play..

Note #1 – at MGM Springfield, always visit the players club kiosk first.

The multiplier is random. I received a 2X multiplier (yes, only 2X, which I understand is the norm); I ventured on to play my free play on video poker and made $30 after playing it through.

Note #2 – I suggest playing Jacks or Better, or the best paytable game you know how to play, to play down your free slot play.

Now, let’s play some slots.

MGM Slots – An MGM Springfield Trip Report

There are two entrances to the casino. The main entrance is next to TAP and the parking elevators, and a second in the back of the property from the hotel lobby and the Main Street entrance.

An MGM Springfield Trip Report
The addition of railings and ropes has kept it accessible from one entrance.

MGM Springfield has done an excellent job with space on the casino floor. Without much space to play, management removing machines made the casino floor more comfortable and kept most of the favorites. For example, I have never seen so many Fire Link slot machines in my life, one of the top games of choice these days.

Also, MGM Springfield moved stadium gaming to an area close to the hotel lobby. In my opinion, no need to be near table games. Good use of space.

By the way, slots weren’t my friend that day, so the second half of my bankroll was dedicated to my favorite game, video poker.

Note #3 – Don’t be afraid to change games. Also, listen to Art In the Game’s interview with Brian Christopher on Podcast #75 for more suggestions.

Video Poker Play – An MGM Springfield Trip Report

The video poker inventory was dismal when the casino opened. Since the pandemic, management has improved its inventory with better payables and more games. The variety of single-line and multiline games has improved immensely. I proceeded to play two games, Ultimate X and Powerhouse Poker.

Neither game put me on the plus side but kept me in the game for 2 hours. It was still not busy, so that I could bounce around to multiline games. The variety of multiline video poker at MGM Springfield is comparable to other New England casinos.

Finally, Two Promos To Take Advantage Of

It was 11:00, time to eat and leave. Unfortunately, the Fifty Plus promo – 50% OFF at South End Market For all M life Rewards members aged 50 or over – wasn’t unavailable. Only the Diner with breakfast was open – so much for my lobster roll.

Tuesdays in October also had a chocolate promotion. Earn credits and get a box of Godiva chocolates. But why does it start at 3:00 for pick-up? Silly…unless management wants to keep you in the casino for a while. It was not worth it for me, so it was time to leave.

SummaryAn MGM Springfield Trip Report

It was a fun, quiet morning. I left with part of my bankroll and had an enjoyable time playing. In addition, I was approached by two different wait staff quite a few times for drinks around the casino floor, another reason for those early morning days.