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Handicapping refers to the various methods by which spectators, leisure gamblers or AP’s (advantage players) can predict and quantify the results of a race.  Many of us bet on colors, numbers, whatever….like it was a keno machine.  But to the true handicapper, it is more like a science, choices made by diminishing odds based on statistics.

For many handicappers, it has been passed down through generations.  One website that I found, or he found me, is just that.  It’s called “Bmdsportsandhorses” and is part of the WordPress family.

Bmdsportsandhorses is a 2nd Generation Professional Handicapper – 20+ years experience professionally investing in horse racing and sports betting. He also has played the stock market and has annualized return of 18.9% since 2010.

But from visiting the site, horses is the main event.  Many posts are short and to the point – sharing stats on which horses at what venue are potentially good to bet.  Track conditions, starting gates and previous races are considerations always, and that’s what you’ll find day to day.

Click on the link to see:  https://bmdsportsandhorses.wordpress.com/

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