7 Reasons To Be Aware In The Casino – With COVID UPDATE

As I continue to update posts at NETimeGambling.com, I came across this little gem. 7 Ways To Be Aware in the Casino was one of my first posts in 2013.  I think I had a bad casino experience and needed a little rant. I added updates to cover COVID-19 concerns; however, many have been deleted with the loosening of protocols.

7 Reasons To Be aware in the Casino

Hey casino guests, look around. You’re not alone…by a long shot.

My last casino visit was so disappointing in so many ways. Even though I left ahead in my bankroll, those around me definitely brought my experience down. So, let me briefly rant about certain considerations called “etiquette” that need to be followed.

1. Escalators – when you get to the end of the elevator, GET OFF and KEEP MOVING! Don’t gawk and have a town meeting with your group. The people behind you are tripping off the elevator to get AROUND YOU!

2. If you are strolling around the casino with your family or entourage, stay to the right. Allow half the hallway for other people.

3. Elevators – Let people off the elevator before getting on. Just GET OUT Of THE WAY until it’s empty.

4. Smokers – Your smoke doesn’t bother me as long as you don’t hold it near my face. Be Aware of the people next to you. Smoke only in designated smoking areas.

More Reasons To Be aware in the Casino

*4A. – Know where the new non-smoking areas are after the pandemic. Some casinos may change to non-smoking.

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5. Gawkers & Mosiers – enjoy your surroundings, but get out of people’s way! And stop gawking and moseying 3 or 4 across. You’re not the only one in the casino.

7 Reasons To Be aware in the Casino

6. Finally, wash your hands, everyone, and do it often! It’s disgusting following a guy out of the restroom who hasn’t washed his hands. Just think, as he quickly goes to a slot machine, you may play that machine next. Yuck!

7. My fellow male gamblers. Even though the pandemic is winding down, the world would appreciate it if you continue to wash your hands after you do the voodoo that you do so well.

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There, I feel better. So, please, Be Aware Of Others In The Casino.

That’s all for now.