7 Reasons Why Roulette Is Still Popular

The roulette wheel has become synonymous with the glitz and glamour of a night at the casino, and while other games might come and go, this pastime is in it for the long haul. Roulette is often one of the busiest games in any casino and is also growing in popularity online. Here are 7 Reasons Why Roulette Is Still Popular.

7 Reasons Why Roulette Is Still Popular

Why is the “little wheel” So Popular?

The History

Most people believe that the game was invented by French physicist Blaise Pascal after he attempted to create a wheel that could demonstrate perpetual motion. And as the name “roulette” comes from the French term for “little wheel,” this theory does seem to make the most sense. But there’s more to the story.

The roulette wheel (0 and 00 versions) is called the “Devil’s Wheel.” If you add up all the numbers – 1 through 36 – the total is that famous number “666” (aka the “number of the beast” according to the Bible). It could also have something to do with the game’s tendency to send players’ bankrolls to hell.

Players bet on numbers and watch the ball go round and round, hoping it will stop at the correct number. Isn’t there more to it than that? There are more complex reasons why roulette is such a popular game.

1. The Social Experience

You’re throwing money on the table with roulette and then letting Lady Luck make all the decisions if you lose bad luck. If you win, good luck!

Roulette has an emphasis on social togetherness, second to craps. Crowds cheer each other on whenever the wheel is spun, but not as loud and intense as craps.

Most people don’t want to sit at slot machines with their friends—they want to all play together. Stadium Gaming in casinos has helped the Social aspect of playing roulette together.

7 Reasons Why Roulette Is Still Popular
Stadium Gaming usually includes blackjack, baccarat, and roulette.

2. No Sides To TakeLess Animosity

It’s not you versus the dealer, other players, or a random number generator. Instead, it creates a wholly social experience where everyone can make the same bet.

Playing the wrong strategy at other table games (blackjack players, are you reading this?) will bring terrible responses from the self-acknowledged “pros.” The atmosphere at some table games with these players provides a complete “no-fun” zone.

But in roulette, play how you’d like – it’s just you and that tiny white ball. There’s something very freeing about that. It’s not you against the game. You don’t have to worry about how much you drink. You just put the money on the table and see what happens. You don’t even really have to worry about being distracted. Just do what you do and enjoy yourself.

3. Simplicity – 7 Reasons Why Roulette Is Still Popular

Roulette is incredibly simple and remarkably easy to pick up compared to games such as Poker, Craps, or Blackjack. So, newbies or experienced players can play it without fearing losing all their money without knowing the rules.

Roulette is the perfect game for first-time gamblers without the patience to sit down and learn the rules of some more complex outlets. You could quickly go to a casino with no gambling experience and have a whale of a time on the Roulette wheel.

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4. Unique Exhilarating Nature

Roulette has a dynamic nature. This game is one of the most eye-catching things in a casino. After all, movies such as Diamonds Are Forever and Casablanca. In Casablanca, who doesn’t remember the big scene when Rick (Humphrey Bogart) approaches a young couple who tries to raise enough money to go to America by playing roulette? He tells them to put their chips on 22, and sure enough, the lucky number rolls twice a row. Then he casually tells them, “Cash it in and don’t come back,” before leaving the table.

Sitting opposite a dealer with a hand of cards is sure to get boring at some point – not the case with a spinning wheel of fun.

5. Roulette Is 100% Chance Driven

Suitable for the Amateur Gambler, not necessarily for the serious roulette player. But, unfortunately, that means the games that involve mainly chance, such as roulette, could also easily kick your butt, no matter how much you study strategy. So, if your goal in a casino is to become financially independent, talk to the poker and blackjack guys.

That being said, if your goal at a casino is to have fun, then I want you to consider roulette since it’s all about chance.

Roulette is different. Once that ball starts rolling around the wheel, nothing can influence it. The game is a pure, unadulterated chance. That means you don’t have to worry about strategy, which is excellent for the average gambler. Instead, you can make your bets, let the wheel spin, and see what happens.

6. Better Odds Than Most Slot Machines

The other natural alternative to roulette in most casinos is slot machines for inexperienced gamblers looking for fun. But roulette’s betting possibilities are much simpler in comparison and pretty self-explanatory. Anyone rarely looks at a roulette table and is confused about how they can bet.

Remember, the house edge on an American roulette wheel, which contains a double zero, is 5.26%. It’s high for table games, but “penny” slot machines usually give a house edge between 83% and 90%.

7. The Suspense Of Being a Spectator

You are a spectator when you’re playing roulette, much like betting on horse racing. You put down your bets, so technically, you’re a player. But in reality, all you’re doing is watching.

7 Reasons Why Roulette Is Still Popular

One of the reasons horse racing can be so much fun is that you have no say at all in the outcome. Instead, you watch, make your bets, and then the suspense builds and builds throughout the race. The same can be said for sports betting. The difference, of course, is that, with horse racing and sports betting, you’re never going to know the odds. There are infinite factors at play—the weather, the wind, the players, the horses, how rested they are, and on and on.

When you’re “playing” roulette, you’ll find that the action of the ball racing around and around the wheel—without anyone at the table having any ability to influence what that ball does—makes for great suspense.


I played roulette many years ago at the El Cortez in Las Vegas. The minimum bet, I believe, was $1, but it could have been less. Everything mentioned above applied. We were a group of four looking for some fun. Only one of us (not me) had played before. It was quite a hoot! I think it’s time to try it again!