7 Crucial Habits for Slot Keno and VP Players

If you love to play slots at your casino of choice, then you love the excitement that precedes that first pull. But that excitement will get in the way of your fun and benefits without these 7 Crucial Habits for Slot Keno and VP Players.

The Excitement On Arrival

You rush to your machine like it’s a long-lost friend. In the rush to play, you forget to be mindful of important events that precede your play. There are things you need to check before that first push of the button. Follow this Pre-Play Checklist before and after you play each machine. Forgetting the following items could cost you money and comps.

1. Get a Rewards Card

7 Crucial Habits for Slot, Keno, and VP Players
MLife Rewards Club of MGM

It’s free. It reduces the casino edge by earning comps on dining, shows, and giveaways. That free hotel room might not feel free with losses, but if you’re going to play, get something for it, no matter how little you play. Before you regret sitting at that favorite machine and finding your missing card, always ask for more than one card at the rewards desk. These days, many casinos have kiosks designed to give you another player’s card. Easy-peasy.

2. Check the Game Denomination

Have you ever played a penny slot machine only to realize it was a dollar, not a penny? Always check the current denomination of the machine before that first play. Be sure you’re spending the correct amount you intend for your bankroll. Some machines have denomination options. Today’s slots often have $.01, $.02, $.05 or $.10 cent choices. Check and choose the correct denomination you want to play.

3. Check Your Players Card

7 Crucial Habits for Slot, Keno, and VP Players
Being More Careful with your Players Card is just one thing to be careful about within the casino.

I could double my bankroll if I only had a dollar for every time I made a player aware that their player’s card needed to be re-inserted. Before you play, insert your card and wait until it registers your name. If it starts blinking, take it out entirely and try it again. Some casinos, like Mohegan Sun, only process one event simultaneously. Get in the habit of inserting your card first because some machine card readers may be on the fritz (not working). Then, put your money in. Take your time and insert one, then the other. It will save you from having to cash out to find another machine because the card reader isn’t cooperating.

4. Be Sure Your Money or TITO Ticket registers in the Machine

7 Crucial Habits for Slot, Keno, and VP Players
Ticket In, Ticket Out! TITO

Sometimes in your rush, you have trouble with your money or ticket. One trick is to use a machine next to you if you have trouble. For example, some slots have trouble reading what you add. Use that machine to get a new TITO Ticket.

5. One Last Check BEFORE YOU PLAY

Money in, players card registering, the denomination is correct. Ready to go.

6. Leaving the Machine

Before you leave that machine, win or lose, follow these easy, quick Habits for Leaving the Machine. This habit will stop leaving your player’s card in the machine and your money. Yes, it does happen! And there are people in the casino watching for just that mistake. It only takes a moment with you looking the other way to have someone snatch your ticket without you noticing. One morning at Red Rock Resort in Las Vegas, it happened to me, and it can happen to you, too.

7. When cashing out, get into a routine

This is my routine. Don’t leave your machine unless you have completed this last part of the 7 Crucial Habits for Slot, Keno, and VP Players:

  1. Push the cash-out button.
  2. One hand takes the player’s card.
  3. Your other hand is positioned at the TITO dispenser.
  4. Check for both in hand before leaving.


Make these 7 Crucial Habits for Slot Keno and VP Players part of your every play. Now, hit that jackpot.