6 Tips For a Healthy Casino Visit

It’s Flu Season again. Germs are everywhere in the casino – on the felt, on the dice, on all the machine surfaces….I mean everywhere. But not only that, accidents happen, and people can get hurt.

So here are some tips, not only to keep you from getting sick from your visit to the casino, but also from physically getting hurt at the casino.

  1. If you have breathing problems, look for non-smoking areas. Casinos are providing more and more smoke-free areas. Some, like Plainridge Park in Plainville, MA are completely smoke-free, as will be MGM Springfield and Wynn Boston Harbor. Twin River Casino, in Lincoln RI, has their entire 2nd floor smoke-free and CT’s Tribal Casinos offer many non-smoking areas.
  2. WASH YOUR HANDS!!! as much as possible. Take hand sanitizer for those long plays, or hand sprays that will help clean your hands after playing at the tables and machines. Think of the following happening – coughing, sneezing, tapping and wiping machine glass… and then, you come along. Guess who’s going to commune with previous players DNA? So, WASH YOUR HANDS.
  3. Be aware of others while walking around the casino. A casino is no exception to sudden injuries considering that with all the distractions, guests don’t look where they are going. When walking, stop watching your cell phone. You might as well be in a maze blindfolded.
  4. Be aware of maintenance staff around you trying to keep the casino clean and running. Vacuum cords, unleveled carpet, audio visual equipment, and carts of food, glass-ware and garbage that could run you over.
  5. Beware of non-rug surfaces – the combination of free drinks, wait staff, and unaware humans causes spills. Many accidents happen concerning high polished marble, mopping without warning, melting ice, slippery stairs, and escalators.
  6. Many kids and adults are hurt every year when their parents don’t supervise their kids or leave them unattended. Please don’t put your kids in harm’s way – safety first. Meanwhile, watch out for those little rascals – they know not what they’re doing.

And did I say WASH YOUR HANDS?!

Stay healthy out there!



2 thoughts on “6 Tips For a Healthy Casino Visit

  1. Sandy B says:

    Right, and with the flu issues, cough and sneeze into your sleeve, not into the air everyone is breathing!

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