5 Tips To Raise Your Tier Status

At the time of this post, casinos were still having trouble getting people through the door. So these were suggestions to get noticed by your favorite casino for comps when casinos re-opened. These suggestions work whether there is a pandemic or not. So here are 5 Tips To Raise Your Tier Status.

This is definitely a post with the low to the mid roller in mind. (But works for all levels of gamblers). If your bankroll is between $100 to $1000, then this is for you. In this post, I will use Mohegan Sun as my example for these tips.

5 Tips To Raise Your Tier Status During Covid
Mohegan Sun’s Momentum Players Club

How You Raise Your Tier Status

Tip #1 – Savor Your Bankroll (Especially the One You Saved During the Pandemic)

Not Visiting Casinos Last Year Helped Build Your Bankroll. Many of us have discretionary money we set aside for gambling. Well, from March to July in 2020, it should have accumulated. So when you finally go to the casino, your bankroll should be bigger. So, suggestion #1 – Let that bankroll grow with fewer casino visits.

This suggestion can’t be overstated. When normalcy returns, you can only play the money that has been set aside for that one purpose. So be disciplined with your bankroll.

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Tip #2 – Visit Less, But Play Bigger5 Tips To Raise Your Tier Status

This is my personal New Year’s Resolution. As I said on Cousin Vito’s Podcast a few weeks ago, Surviving Problem Gambling with Craig Carton. (Which has a great guest interview with formeWFAN Craig Carton!) It also goes back to reading a significant post for me at TravelZork.com

5 Tips To Raise Your Tier Status During Covid
CoachKitty of TravelZork.com

TravelZork Video Poker expert Coach Kitty has a great series concerning the best way to increase money and time ADT factors. Check out these links:

I’m not going to repeat what Coach Kitty says, but it has already worked for me. Room offers have increased, including the addition of suites I was never offered. Also, my free slot play and food perks amounts have doubled since October 2020. So #2 is Visit Less, But Play Bigger.

Tip #3 – Be Patient – It Takes Time To Raise Your Tier Status

It doesn’t happen overnight. But you have to stay the course. As much as you might want to play at the bar for a half-hour, have a drink and go home, this habit will stop the process in its tracks. You’ll have to re-start the process. It has the same effect as a week-long binge does on a new diet. (believe me, I know!). So, Tip #3 is to Be Patient and Stay the Course.

If you really want that short visit to see your favorite bartenders, or meet your friends, here’s a little tip – Don’t Use Your Players Card! Be anonymous, and don’t break your tier status progress. (Or go to a secondary casino)

Before every visit, you should consider the expected time to play and bankroll anyway.


Tip #4 – Choose Your Gambling Days Wisely

5 Tips To Raise Your Tier Status During Covid

Some days are best for your big play. These days are multiplier days when casinos offer a known amount, and your earned tier points will be multiplied. More and more casinos are offering them now due to their patrons not showing up to play. But, while they may have more traffic on the casino floor, casinos are still operating at forced lower capacities. So, multipliers are great because:

  • Fewer people, more seats available
  • At the same time, for your big play, you will earn 3X, 4X, 5X points, or more

Beware of the “Up To 20X Points” promotions. You’ve been to “Up To 50% Off” sales, haven’t you? The day you would have a big play are often 2X points on those promotions. If you’re alright with that, go to it. But if you have to swipe your rewards card to find how much the multiplier is, you have already signed in for a “gambling day.” More about that in Tip #5. Tip #4 – Choose Your Gambling Days Wisely, Look For Good Multiplier days.

5 Tips To Raise Your Tier Status During Covid

Tip #5 – Beware of Non-Gambling Days and Promotions

Non-gambling days are killers of a player’s ADT or your Average Daily Theoretical. Like throwing a $20 bill in and leaving, those short play days are tough on your casino player data. But, even worse are giveaway days. If you really need that free hand-vacuum, go ahead a get it. It usually involves the use of your rewards card. After your card is used and you get your “free” gift, you may leave or play a little then leave. Do this enough, and you will never see your casino offers grow. Instead, they will probably decrease, and you’ll wonder why. Now you know.

Ever go to the casino to swipe your card for that Vegas Vacation promotion or that snowmobile? Then you walk out? That, my friends, is a “Non-Gambling Day and hurts your ADT. So our final tip – Tip #5 – Beware of Non-Gambling Days and Promotions


Smart players who are interested in raising their casino tier status will follow these five tips. Whether it’s a pandemic or not, these 5 Tips To Raise Your Tier Status will help. Remember, never gamble only to raise tier levels. Recreation, good strategy decisions, and fun should always be the main focus. But a little planning and choosing can also help get that slot play and comped room while having fun and recreation.

Good Luck Out There. Be Safe, be healthy.


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  1. What a great article. Spot on! If you haven’t been back to a casino since the pandemic started, these tips are a great way to turn over a new leaf and get more benefits from your gambling. It is much, much harder to rehabilitate a casino rating if you don’t take a hiatus from play. Here you have a forced hiatus to run with.

    Thanks for the shout out Robin.

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