5 Gambling Tweaks For Retirement

A New Year brings new year resolutions, and retirement is certainly a new beginning. So many of us want a second chance every year to change things, make something better, and simply try something different. When changes occur in life, such as retirement, a general “tweaking” is needed for leisure activities such as gambling. For what it’s worth, here are NETimeGambling’s “5 Gambling Tweaks For Retirement.” 

Play Less

I do love the brief stop for a small play and a drink. With Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun close, it’s easy on my journeys to visit these two ”Mega” casinos. However, I have burned my ADT at both of these properties doing this.

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With recreational gambling, remember – less gives you more.  The casino wants to see more – more time played, more money spent per visit, and higher denomination play. Visit less, save up and then play bigger. Free slot play will increase and your longer play will get more attention from the casino. The frequent “pit stop” won’t!

my “pit stop” of choice.
My favorite bartenders, Tammy, Steve, and Kay at Play Bar, Foxwoods, my “pit stop” of choice.

Play Bigger

With less visits, you can increase your bankroll for a bigger and longer play. This is very important to consider. The casino wants you to play more and longer.  Less visits, but bigger play, is best for comps and casino offers.  Instead of your weekly trip, try every other day, or even once a month.

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Playing That Free Slot Play

Free slot playWe all love getting that free slotplay!  Whether it’s $20 or $200, it’s fun playing with the casino’s money.  But it isn’t their money, it’s your money.  After running through that slot play, stop and decide how to use it next. Be mindful of your next play.  But a word to the wise – if you are returning to that casino ever again, don’t run away with what’s left.  You will find you less slotplay next month, and next month, and so on.  Instead, bring at least the amount of the free play, and be prepared to play it slowly for a while. Remember, you must use your rewards card, so they know your we’re there.

Playing Without Your Rewards Card

Believe it when I say there are times when playing without your rewards card in is an advantage. The “pit stop” mentioned earlier is the prime example. If you want to play a little “incognito” without the glasses and mustache, play without your card.  A quick play without is better than killing your ADT with it in.

Casino Transportation

Bus transportation Finally, use the casino buses. The minimal cost usually includes a food voucher and free slotplay. Compare and use our links to all New England Bus Transportation.  Bring friends and make it a once per month social event. Put the “recreation” back into recreational gambling.

And always remember, “Embrace the Math, Not the Myth.”




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