NETG Announces New Affiliation with

I hope you enjoyed our week of video poker posts two weeks ago, because today we are announcing our new affiliation with

Now with just a click of a link, you can play all of your favorite video poker favorites. Click on the box in the upper right hand corner, or in our menus to take you to all the fun and help you will soon love. is a legal, non-wagering Web site
No gambling takes place on People play and practice so they can improve their chances of winning in casinos – or just play for fun! There are free contests where people can win cash and prizes, but because the contests are free to enter, it is not considered online gambling. In addition to practicing and playing their favorite video poker games, there are other member benefits that keep people coming back to the site including:

  • Participating in Free Contests to win cash prizes and merchandise
  • Learning more about the games they play and optimal play strategy
  • Participating in an active Forum
  • Tracking their play over time using Tracking Mode (GOLD members only)
  • Real time training using Training Mode (GOLD only)
  • Challenging fellow members to individual or group contests (GOLD only)
  • Real time chat with fellow GOLD members (GOLD only)
  • Playing brand new games before the games hit the casino floors (GOLD only)
  • A Players Club that keeps track of their game activity on the site

An excellent site to practice any video poker game out there – even before it reaches most casinos. This is a free site. But for a monthly fee under $10, you have access as a Gold Member to lots of additional perks.

In case you missed our week of VP, here it is!


Tuesday –  Video Poker Resources for Understanding, Practice and Enjoyment

Wednesday – Video Poker – Basics and Choosing the Best Game

Thursday – Video Poker – Mistakes and Myths

Friday – Improve Your Video Poker Etiquette

Binbin – Remember, embrace the math, not the myth!


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